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100 not out! – Race Report

Town Moor Marathon Saturday, 17th October 2020 Report by Ian (PARKERMAN) Parker 30 YEARS OF HURT. I remember my 1st Marathon well, it was London 21st April 1991, 2 days after my 30th Birthday and surprise celebrations that went on for most of Friday and Saturday nights. The race itself went well finishing in 3hrs …

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Amsterdam Half Marathon 2015: Race Report

As a member of the TBH Amsterdam Touring party, Louise Kelly knows exactly what went on during those 48 hours in the Dutch city. Thankfully, however, as this is a family orientated website (and we don’t want a visit from the boys in blue) Louise’s report focus’s mainly on the weekend’s racing.   Amsterdam Half …

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Edinburgh Festival of Running 2014

Next month sees a whole host of members travelling north of the border for the Edinburgh Festival of Running. Over the weekend of 24th & 25th May, Edinburgh plays host to a range of running events, beginning with a 5k & 10k on the Saturday and culminating with the half & full Marathon the following …

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2014 Paris Marathon Race Report

Two intrepid TBH’ers, Alex Battersby and Anna Brough, braved the Eurostar to Paris for the marathon.   Paris Marathon: Sunday, 6th April 2014   We bid au revoir to the English smog and said bonjour to the land of snails, wine and can can girls! (Sorry Davy Anderson – a distinct lack of kiss me quick hats!). …

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MoN Race Report – 28 April 2013

It was another memorable day for Tyne Bridge Harriers as PB’s were smashed left, right and centre at this year’s Marathon of the North running festival.   With members taking part in all three events; 10k, half-marathon and full marathon, there was plenty of action to keep the large contingent of supporters occupied, and as the runners came storming …

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Forthcoming events:

Now that winter is behind us (oh no it’s not!!) it’s time to look at ahead to spring / early summer and plan for those important races. Whether you’re chasing a PB or just looking for a leisurely run with your friends, there are plenty of events to choose from. Below are some of the …

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Original Mountain Marathon (OMM) – 27th and 28th October 2012

Intrepid club member, John Tollitt, sends this race report.             ‘Fancy doing the OMM with me?’ I was asked a few months ago by Geoff Davis, a fellow Northumberland Fell Runner, at the start of a fell race in Durham. I said that I’d think about and then asked a …

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Newcastle (Town Moor) Marathon – 28th October 2012

Dave Moir sends in this report from Sunday’s race. Mud, Mud Glorious Mud After a rather disappointing outcome at Chester 3 weeks ago (unable to run due to a pre-race chest infection) I sort of wanted to replace it with another marathon, as I was still in fairly good marathon shape. I toyed with the …

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Amsterdam marathon – 21 October 2012

The club’s very own shining star, David Daniels, writes this report. Following the disappointment of dropping out of a race, what you need, in order to make those inner demons disappear, is to enter another as quickly as possible. So, two weeks after my failure to finish the Chester marathon, I was standing on the …

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Amsterdam marathon – 21st October

Guy Rintoul reports from Amsterdam My preparation for Amsterdam had been lacklustre, to say the least. Unlike my first [and only other] marathon in Edinburgh in May, I didn’t do enough training for this one – only 55% of the miles, in fact. This was partly because I was running it alone this time and …

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Loch Ness Marathon, 30th Sept

“That’s the last one until 18 miles,” panted a runner just beside us as we crested the big hill at five miles into last Sunday’s Loch Ness marathon. Through the tree cover on our left broke a view of the loch itself a couple of hundred metres below, as calm as a TBH coaches meeting. …

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Darran Bilton – Marathon Training Presentation

Marathon Training Presentation North Shields Polytechnic Track Darran Bilton – 4th March 2012 The Marathon in a Nutshell! Sean Kelly kindly invited me to North Shields Polytechnic track on behalf of Tyne Bridge Harriers, to give a presentation on how to prepare for a marathon, how the race is run and what nutritional considerations should …

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Charlie Spedding: ‘From Last To First’

Tyne Bridge Harrier Louis Goffe recently attended a talk by one of our finest Local Heroes Charlie Spedding, and sends back this report from the event. To most he needs no introduction. But to those who weren’t around in the 80s or new to running, Charlie Spedding the athlete can be summed up in one …

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Virgin London Marathon 2012: Club Places

Tyne Bridge Harriers have been allocated 2 guaranteed places for the 2012 London Marathon that will be made available to fully paid up members of the club. This is a very exciting opportunity for two lucky athletes to be representing Tyne Bridge Harriers in one of the most

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Snowdonia Marathon: Race Report

A few months ago, me and a couple of friends decided that running the Snowdonia Marathon was a good idea. I’d ran the race once before and swore at the finish line never to run it again. Anyway almost four years down the line I found myself back at the start line. My preparation for the race had been great and although I felt like I was carrying a little extra timber, I knew I was running well.

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Venice City Marathon: Race Report

Tyne Bridge Harriers‘ very own Tony ‘TC’ Carter was the first Brit to cross the line at the Venice City Marathon at the weekend. He reports back from his ‘Epic Win’ at the VCM

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Liverpool 2011 Marathon: Report

After failing to make it to the start line of Edinburgh Marathon earlier this year through injury, I was hit with jealousy to see everyone setting off from the start line when I went up in May to support 2 friends and fellow TBH runners taking part in the event.

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Coniston Trail Marathon: Report

One of our newest members Alan Wallace has just completed his first Marathon.. but not just ANY old Marathon.. Alan chooses a Trail Marathon

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