Meet the coaches

Russell Dickinson-Deane
I started running in 2003 making my debut race appearance at the Great North Run. Since then I’ve run multiple 5k, 10k and half-marathon races plus a couple of marathons with a 3.03 marathon PB at the age of 50. I’ve also run extensively at cross-country and trail, plus a couple of easier fell races. Post-Covid, I decided to shake up my running and took part in track racing at all distances from 200m to 3000m last summer, surprising myself with a 5.20 mile race. I believe anyone can achieve their goals with the right support and training, and recently coached a runner to a 50-minute marathon PB and PBs at every endurance distance in 2021. At TBH, I lead in Groups 2 and 3 but can coach any runner regardless of group.

Gemma Finnie
My running journey started in 2017 when I gained a place in the Great North Run general ballot and realised I couldn’t even run for the bus! I spent the next few months doing my own style of couch to 5k, where I’d run when I could around shift work, I’d run as far as I could and gradually increased my distance – running with friends along the way. After I ran the GNR, I realised this was a sociable and friendly sport, and I wanted to improve my running fitness, therefore I researched running clubs and found Tyne Bridge Harriers looked like they catered for all abilities.

In October 2017, I joined in the beginners group on a Wednesday night before braving group 5 and then into group 4. I then completed my leadership in running fitness (LiRF) course in September 2019 and primarily led group 4. I am now a regular leader of group 3 and have recently completed my coach in running fitness (CiRF) course and I am looking forward to using my knowledge and experience running from 5km to ultramarathons (71 miles) to help TBH members to achieve their own goals.

Matt Walker
I started running with the goal of completing the Edinburgh Marathon in 2013 and joined Tyne Bridge Harriers to help his training where I found an enjoyment and camaraderie in running that I was not expecting. My first marathon was a valuable experience, by which I mean I learnt a lot from my mistakes! In my years of running with TBH, I have developed both fitness and running skills, and assisted others in doing the same, regularly leading groups 2 & 3. Over the years I have progressed from road, via cross country, to the trails and fells, and more recently have started to go beyond the marathon distance. I am a newly qualified coach and am looking forward to using my experience and knowledge to help others achieve their running aims.

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