Defibrillator Locations

DON’T USE THIS MAP IN AN EMERGENCY. CALL 999. The Ambulance Service will be able tell you where the nearest defibrillator is to your current location.

This map is intended to be a useful guide showing the locations of defibrillators along the Quayside area where Tyne Bridge Harriers train most frequently. We would recommend that you use this map to familiarise yourself with these locations when you are out on your runs so that you are able to respond quickly should you be faced with an emergency.

Red markers indicate defibrillators that have unrestricted access, the green markers indicate defibrillators that should have 24 hour access but may be restricted in some way, such as being inside the entrance of a building. There are other defibrillators around the Quayside but the ones that are only available during office hours aren’t displayed. To find all defibrillators then search here:

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