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Louise Kelly: Running and Me

We all have reasons to run. For some, it’s to simply keep fit & healthy, while others thrive on the competitive side of running. In a frank and brutally honest account, club member Louise Kelly explains how running is a way of making a better life for herself.   I’ve sat down several times trying to …

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2016 North of England Track & Field

The 2nd fixture of the NoE T&F season takes place on Sunday, 5th June 2016 at Churchill Playing Fields (Monkseaton).   The competition is available to all Gp 1 – 5 members, of all ages and abilities. If you’ve never tried track & field before but would like to give it a go, simply get …

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2016 London Marathon: Race Report

Having been short-changed in an earlier marathon attempt, Louise Kelly runs a full one around the streets of London.   Virgin London Marathon: Sunday 24 April 2016 Ah, London! The marathon that all runners aspire to do at some point in their running career. I was lucky enough, although some may say unlucky, to secure …

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North Tyneside 10K: Race Report

Louise Kelly discovers whether she’s cut out for office life.   North Tyneside 10K : Sunday, 27th March 2016 It doesn’t really matter how your training goes before a race. At the end of the day, you either have a good day or a bad day at the office. For me the week leading up …

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Amsterdam Half Marathon 2015: Race Report

As a member of the TBH Amsterdam Touring party, Louise Kelly knows exactly what went on during those 48 hours in the Dutch city. Thankfully, however, as this is a family orientated website (and we don’t want a visit from the boys in blue) Louise’s report focus’s mainly on the weekend’s racing.   Amsterdam Half …

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NEHL Race 1 – Tanfield Lea: Race Report

Louise Kelly reports from the first cross-country fixture of the season.   NEHL Tanfield Lea: Saturday 26 September 2015   The location – a field located next to a disused (?) railway, in between Beamish and the Angel of the North. The reason – the start of the NEHL XC season of course and defence …

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Runner profile: Louise Kelly

The second in the series of Runner Profile’s is supplied by Louise Kelly.   They say inspiration can strike anywhere and having just finished reading Alex Lockwood‘s profile I thought to myself, ‘It will be nowhere near as good but why not give it a shot’. So here goes nothing!   I suppose the best place …

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National Cross Country Championships 2015 (Pt 1)

Despite a very wet and muddy course around Hampstead Heath (London), Louise Kelly reminisces on a fabulous day at the National Cross Country Championships, Saturday, 21st February 2015.   4am I set my alarm for, thinking about why am I doing this? The answer to which was ‘It’s because you signed up for it Louise, …

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Northumberland Coastal Run race report

Louise Kelly reports on Sunday’s stroll along the Northumberland coastline.   Northumberland Coastal Run: sunday, 20th July 2014   Once again I find myself at the start line of a race that I entered last minute by way of transfer from Laura Dickson. Something which is becoming a bit of a habit with me. The …

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EMF Half Marathon race report

EMF Half Marathon: Sunday, 25th May 2014   With Real Madrid trailing one-nil and never look like scoring against Athletico Madrid, I turn off the TV and head to bed. It’s just gone 9:30pm on a Saturday night and I really know how to live the high life! But after a solid six hours sleep …

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Sunderland City 10K Race Report

Proud local lass, Louise Kelly, takes us around her home city Sunderland.   Sunderland City 10K Race Report – Sunday, 4th May 2014 This is my home turf, my local race so to speak and you think that I would feel some sort of remorse or guilt running it while representing TBH. But as I …

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2014 Brass Monkey Half Marathon: Race Report

Louise Kelly tells us it’s every woman for their self on race day. Brass Monkey Half Marathon: Sunday 19th January 2014   There is one thing I have never claimed to be and that is sane. Sanity is over-rated and just a little bit boring. So it is with this notion that I jumped at the chance to …

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