Expense Details

This Reimbursement of Expenses Policy has been developed to provide transparency for the Tyne Bridge Harriers’ committee re expenditure. Tyne Bridge Harriers ‘TBH’ wants to ensure that members are not out-of-pocket while also looking to get the best use of limited funds.

HM Revenue & Customs expenses and benefits rules recognise that reimbursement of standard business expenses (such as travel) are not taxable. TBH’s policy is guided by these rules and we do not pay expenses that will give rise to tax or National Insurance.

In order to comply, any amounts claimed must be for actual costs incurred by members wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of TBH duties’, and that adequate records are submitted with each claim.

General rules

i) Expenditure incurred by members of TBH should be necessary to achieve our goals.
ii) Each member is responsible for familiarising themselves with these rules and understanding the limits of their authority, as TBH may not reimburse any expenses considered unreasonable or outside this guidance.
iii) All expenses should be itemised, with supporting receipts attached on TBH’s claim form.
iv) Expenses under £10 that have no supporting receipt may be accepted. Expenses over £10 with no supporting receipt require a signed letter by the member explaining the purpose of the expense and the reason why a receipt is not provided. TBH may decline to reimburse an expense claimed with no supporting receipt.
v) Expenditure over £10 will normally require prior authorisation by the Treasurer. The club reserves the right not to reimburse expenditure over £10 which has not previously been authorised.

Club business includes:
i) Activities relating to organising TBH club races and events
ii) Activities relating to procuring products, equipment or services on behalf of the club
iii) Activities relating to mandatory training for committee members.
iv) Reimbursing training costs for agreed training for members where they have had to pay themselves.

Club business does not include:
i) Any activities relating to attending, participating or supporting training sessions, unless agreed in advance by exception
ii) Any activities relating to attending, participating or supporting races or events, unless agreed in advance by exception.
iii) Attending social events or awards events, unless agreed in advance by exception.

The specific rules for eligible expenses that may be claimed by a member are listed and described below:
i) Public transport fares
ii) Use of personal vehicles
iii) Taxis
iv) Subsistence

Public transport fares
Expenses associated with public transport such as trains, buses and Metro are eligible for expenses claims.
Members are expected to make use of any special reduced fare arrangements, such as cheap day and period returns, where possible.

Use of personal vehicle
Members may use their own vehicles for travel on club business if they wish, at their own risk. Where practicable, members should travel together to minimise costs. Any member using his or her vehicle for club business purposes must have a full UK driving licence, and the vehicle must have an in-date MOT certificate, be fully taxed vehicle and insured for
social use. A mileage allowance may be claimed by members using their own vehicle for club business travel, unless a ‘flat rate for the trip’ has been agreed. Current mileage allowance rates are as follows:
Car or van 25p per mile
Motorcycle 15p per mile
Bicycle 10p per mile
Parking fees, congestion charges and toll charges will be met by TBH, but not parking fines.

The cost of travel by taxi will be reimbursed in the following circumstances:
i) There is no reasonable or practical alternative to getting to the destination.
ii) The member has been required to stay so early or late, that public transport is not reliably available, or the individual’s safety is compromised.
iii) A ‘heavy load’ is being transported, which would be unreasonable to carry on public transport.
iv) The individual has a disability such that public transport is not appropriate.

The reason why the member has chosen to travel by taxi must be described in the expenses claim form, and a receipt provided showing the date, place of departure and destination.

The reasonable cost of meals purchased while a member is travelling within the UK on TBH business will be reimbursed by TBH. Please note that the costs of buying meals for colleagues (other than when both parties are travelling on TBH business) may not be claimed.

Overnight accommodation
Reasonable costs for overnight accommodation will be reimbursed where it is necessary for TBH member to perform their TBH duties away from their usual location.
As a guideline, accommodation is expected to be a 3* or equivalent.

Making claims
All claims for travel and subsistence expenses, from members, must be completed on the appropriate form.
i) Claims by members should be authorised by the Hon Treasurer or by the Hon Chair
ii) Claims by committee should be authorised by two other committee members
iii) Claims should be submitted monthly or, may be submitted more frequently if the total claim has reached £100

Date of Policy: 9 July 2022
Date for Review: July 2025

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