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A long time ago…Shap

For many runners, deciding whether to run a 10k or a 10 Mile race can be a difficult decision. But Rob Wishart has an easy solution, just do both. On separate days of course. I’ll let Rob take over..   Total Warrior Weekend 3rd & 4th August 2013 Report by Rob Wishart   And now …

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A long time ago…Leeds to Liverpool

This time we heading back to August 2015, and Rob Wishart‘s attempt to travel from Leeds to Liverpool. For most people, the trip would be done by car or bus, or even on a bike if they’d felt energetic, but Rob wanted to run it. Solo, and without the aid of GPS. Let’s see how …

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Enigma Quadzilla: Race Report

Enigma Quadzilla Milton Keynes 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th February 2020 Report by Rob Wishart   QUADZILLA (not to be confused with Godzilla, Hogzilla or Bridezillas) is a low-key yet *monster* event of 4 marathons ran on consecutive days, Thursday to Sunday. Organised by Foxy Davy of Enigma Running, you *can* enter any or all …

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TBH Member of the Month: September 2017

Each month club members nominate someone for Member of the Month, and the club committee selects the ‘winner’ from the list of nominations. Some months the decision is fairly straight forward (i.e. if a member receives national recognition or win’s a prestigious event) but some months the committee has the unenviable task of choosing between …

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Hardmoors 55: Race Report

It’s been a while since we’ve had a race report on the site, so thanks to Rob Wishart for submitting this terrific piece. Hardmoors 55: Saturday 19th March 2016 Hardmoors is the name of a series of races, mostly trail marathons & ultras, that happen on the North York Moors. Usually the route is along …

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Liverpool to Leeds: The Rematch

Sometimes the sequel is better than the original. Report by Rob Wishart. Last month I couldn’t run from Liverpool to Leeds. Why? Heavy backpack and sore feet? So I got new shoes and minimalised what went in the pack. No change of big clothes. Enough food and water for “one meal”. Bivvy bag, waterproofs, headtorch. …

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Rob Wishart: A Personal Challenge

“Leeds & Liverpool Canal – not a race, just a personal challenge!” by Rob Wishart Hi folks. Setting the scene, here’s a short history of recent midsummers: Solo overnight run/walk of Hadrian’s Wall from Bowness to Newcastle, arriving in plenty time for the parkrun #good Solo again(no mates!) of Glasgow-Edinburgh canal route #good Lakeland 100 …

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2015 Gibside Marathon: Race Report

Rob Wishart ran the inaugural Gibside Marathon (Saturday, 6th June 2015) and writes this report.   Gibside is a National Trust estate at Rowland’s Gill, which is where outer Gateshead stops and County Durham starts. There is a walled garden, manor house, chapel, old ruins and statues hidden amongst the woods… …it’s also a run-tastic …

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2014 Allendale 10K Race Report

David Appleby reports from this year’s Allendale country fair.   Allendale 10k: Saturday, 31st May 2014 The Allendale 10k is a new race on the calendar replacing the old 8 miler which had been staged by Allen Valley Striders for a few years. I’d had the ‘pleasure’ of doing the 8 a few years ago …

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2014 Liverpool Marathon race report

After the magnificent achievement of completing her 1st marathon, Anji Rippon reflects on the 2014 Liverpool Marathon.   Liverpool Rock N Roll Marathon: Sunday, 25th May 2014 Liverpool kind of happened by accident. I’d spent the winter months coaching my friend Sally Riding for her second marathon in London in April and did a lot …

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2014 London Marathon race report

Cees van der Land’s insight into this year’s London Marathon is a marvel (heck, it even includes Scarlett Johansson).   2014 Virgin London Marathon race report by Cees van der Land Inspired by the high quantity and quality of race reports on the Tyne Bridge site lately (and a little bit of post-marathon blues) here’s …

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Total Warrior Weekend: 3rd/4th August 2013

For many runners, deciding on whether to run a 10k or a 10 Mile race can be a difficult decision. But not for Rob Wishart, who took the easy decision of running both (on separate days of course!). I’ll let Rob take over..   And now for something completely different. Total Warrior is an assault course race.  On Saturday …

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