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Race Report: Sunderland Urban Ultra 2018

Sunderland Urban Ultra Saturday 3rd November 2018 Report by Michael Nemeth   WARNING: The Urban Ultra is a very long race, so a very long report is needed. Firstly, I’ll start with a little bit of background. Ever since my first Great North Run, back in 2012, someone told me about The Wall which is …

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2015 Sunderland Half Marathon: Race Report

Sunderland Half Marathon: Sunday 3rd May 2015   Full of enthusiasm following my surprisingly good run in the Manchester Marathon, I entered the Sunderland Half just a few days before the entry deadline. However, that enthusiasm soon turned to dismay when I checked the long range weather forecast for race day: wet and windy!! I’ve …

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Heaton Memorial 10K race report

Although Neil Banks has been at the club a while now, it’s been a long wait until his race debut.   Finally in Black and White: Heaton Memorial 10K, Sunday, 9th Nov 2014   After what seems like months of waiting, finally on Sunday came my first chance to wear the Black and White vest …

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2014 TBH Cup: Final Table

It gives me great pleasure to announce Alasdair Blain as the winner of the 2014 TBH Cup   The TBH Cup is a series of eight races, with competitors best six results counting towards their final score.   Alasdair competed in seven of the eight events and rock-solid steady performances in all his races was …

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Lambton Challenge 10K race report

Having already achieved his 10K target for the year, Michael Nemeth tries his hand at pace-making.   Lambton Challenge 10K: Sunday, 29th June 2014   The pre-race left me feeling slightly out of my comfort zone. I was stood alone seeing a lot of clubs surrounded by their team mates. Seeing them sharing race plans …

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Kirkley 10K race report

Edwin Wong reports from Wednesday’s Kirkley 10K race.   Kirkley Hall 10k: Wednesday, 25th June 2014   Whilst all eyes were on the Weetslade Relays, Run Northumberland had other plans and held its inaugural midweek evening race. This was the Kirkley Hall 10k, run on exactly the same course as Ponteland 10k (the race in which …

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2014 London Marathon race report

Cees van der Land’s insight into this year’s London Marathon is a marvel (heck, it even includes Scarlett Johansson).   2014 Virgin London Marathon race report by Cees van der Land Inspired by the high quantity and quality of race reports on the Tyne Bridge site lately (and a little bit of post-marathon blues) here’s …

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Cragside 10k race report

Having suitably carbo-loaded the eve of the race, Michael Nemeth reports from the Cragside 10k. Run Northumberland Cragside 10k: Saturday, 12th April 2014   A Deluge of Daves: Ok, as all good race reports start, I suppose I should start with the night before. I was hoping for a night of will power and sensibility on my …

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