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A long time ago…London

Sadly, the London Marathon, which was due to take place this Sunday (26th April), has been postponed until later in the year. But if there’s a silver lining for those missing out on Sunday, it’s the fact the atmosphere at the rescheduled event is sure to be the best ever, celebrating not only the race …

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Race Report: Kielder Marathon

Kielder Marathon Sunday 13th October 2019 Race Report by David Cornish   The introduction As this is my debut race report I thought I’d write an intro. I joined Tyne Bridge Harriers in early 2017 – back then I’d grown frustrated of the niggling injuries that come from being a thirty-something chasing twenty-somethings around a …

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Race Report: 2018 Kielder Half Marathon

Kielder Half Marathon Kielder National Park, Northumberland Sunday 7th October 2018 Report by Claire Wynarczyk   The art of a positive mind.   What a difference a year makes! Casting my mind back to last year’s Kielder Half Marathon, when I took on my first trail half marathon, little did I know the challenge that …

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Race Report: Lakeland 50

Lakeland 50 (Miles) Coniston, Lake District Saturday, 28th July 2018 Report by Cees van der Land   Lakeland 50 race report and why you can run an ultra. Just back home from Coniston on Sunday night, here is little write up on the run I did from Dalemain to Coniston on Saturday the 28th of …

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The White Rose Ultra 60M Race Report

Cees van der Land’s latest race report is about an Ultra marathon he recently completed. It’s a long report to cover a long event, but is a thoroughly entertaining account of the physical (and mental) battles that need to be overcome during these type of events. The White Rose Ultra 60 : Saturday 4th November 2017 …

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2017 Great North Run: Race Report

Thanks to Claire Wynarczyk for her report from Sunday’s race.   Simplyhealth Great North Run: Sunday 10th September 2017   My training for the Great North Run had taken a different form this year after achieving my half marathon PB of 2:56:53 In Manchester on 28th May 2017. Usually GNR is the only half I …

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NEHL Thornley Hall Farm Race Report

Alison Dargie reports from the recent mud-fest at Thornley Hall Farm and brings to light all that is good (and bad) about cross-country.   NEHL Cross Country: Thornley Hall Farm (Saturday, 11th February 2017)   Arriving at a cross country there’s always that moment when I don’t want to get out of the car: that moment …

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Chocathlon 9K: Race Report

Adrian Hall discovers chocolate isn’t just for Easter.   Chocathlon 9K: Saturday 9th April 2016 Well done everybody who ran this weekend in Manchester, South Shields or elsewhere, weathers been great. I did a charity run in Marsden, West Yorkshire, the Chocathlon 9K. I didn’t expect much of a challenge, but it actually was the hardest …

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Hardmoors 55: Race Report

It’s been a while since we’ve had a race report on the site, so thanks to Rob Wishart for submitting this terrific piece. Hardmoors 55: Saturday 19th March 2016 Hardmoors is the name of a series of races, mostly trail marathons & ultras, that happen on the North York Moors. Usually the route is along …

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NICE Half Marathon 2015: Race Report

NICE Half Marathon: Sunday, 26th April 2015 Nous avons eu la chance de pouvoir représenter les couleurs de notre club Tyne Bridge Harriers lors du Semi-Marathon International de Nice, c’est pour cette occasion que j’ai la possibilité de commencer notre compte-rendu en Français. De plus, il est important de souligner les performances de ce week …

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Northern Road Relay Championships 2015: Race Report

Northern Athletics Road Relay Championships: Sefton Park (Liverpool), Saturday 28th March 2015 Congratulations to all the members who took part in this year’s Northern Athletics Road Relay Championships (aka the ‘Northern 12 stage’). Not too long ago, just sending a team to the event would have been an achievement by the club, but the fact …

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Sheffield Half Marathon – 6th April 2014 – Race Report

Spectators hand out water at the Sheffield half-marathon.

Andrew McFetrich was one of those disappointed athletes who took part in yesterdays Sheffield Half Marathon (or should we call it ‘Watergate’? ). Despite a last minute decision by organisers to cancel the race due to a problem with the delivery of water, Andrew joined the throng of 5,000 ‘Rebel Runners’ to complete the course

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NEHL – Wrekenton – Report & Results

Following another excellent & successful day at NEHL Wrekenton meeting on Saturday, we have another two fantastic race reports that have been sent in. First up Janine Swail describes her first experience of Cross Country Racing and the North East Harrier League for the ladies team.

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Lancaster Half Marathon: Race Report

Phil Brown has posted this excellent report from the Lancaster Half on Sunday. Three months ago, my mate Mark had asked me if I fancied doing the Lancaster Half Marathon with him in November. Since our last race (my first) back in March, we needed another challenge to keep us motivated, so we signed up and started training again.

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NEHL 2: Farringdon: Race Report – Mud, Sweat & Tears

The tone for the day was set for TBH by the time the under 11 boys race set off. Our rising star, Leodhais Macpherson was turned away from the start by an official as he had just celebrated his 11th birthday. It was unclear whether or not he was permitted to run with the under 11s,

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