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Rooney! Rooney!

I’ve met some truly wonderful people during my time at Tyne Bridge Harriers, and Keith Rooney, who sadly passed away today (Monday, 17th June 2019), was certainly one of those. A big man, both in stature and character, Keith joined the club in 2011 and soon became one of the club’s most colourful members. Quick …

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Heaton Memorial 10K: Race Report

Christmas has come early with a cracker of a race report from Keith Rooney. “Pocket to socket, Rooney, pocket to socket!” I looked up, and could’ve sworn, I could make out, amidst all the murk, Coinneach Mor‘s loomingly lean frame, repleat with admonishing finger, that same look of quiet intensity, always unruffled, even when dealing …

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Northern Road Relay Championships 2015: Race Report

Northern Athletics Road Relay Championships: Sefton Park (Liverpool), Saturday 28th March 2015 Congratulations to all the members who took part in this year’s Northern Athletics Road Relay Championships (aka the ‘Northern 12 stage’). Not too long ago, just sending a team to the event would have been an achievement by the club, but the fact …

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Sherman Cup race report No.2

Keith Rooney reflects on Saturday’s cross-country affair.   Rooney, you’re a right nutter!” The words exploded in my left ear, jerking me out of my painful introspection and kicking me right back into the raw, unrelenting meat grinder that is the Sherman Cup. And I was, all at once, suddenly aware, also, of the jumbo …

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Wreckenton 2 XC Race Report, Saturday 22nd March

Keith Rooney waxes lyrical from the final XC of the year… although he nearly missed it Hm, smelt all right, looked all right. Caffeine eh?? I was looking for some tell-tale sign, a mischievous twitch of the lips, a suspicious flicker of the eyebrow – but all I got was the same, reassuring, expansive smile, …

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The other ‘Northerns’ report

Never to be outdone, the ever-competitive Keith Rooney adds a little muddiness to Lindsay Walsh’s own superb retelling of the Northern’s tale. Things got a bit dirty during the race in more ways than one. I’ve alluded to it, but not been specific in any detail. It shouldn’t be too controversial. “Mud glorious mud”…..Eh? I …

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North Eastern X-C Champs, 14th Dec: Race Report

Our Mercurial Member of the Year, Keith Rooney, dives straight into the muddy stuff at this year’s North Eastern X-Country Championships and his ‘feud’ with Group 3 leader Mal Gibson. But will the pupil overcome the master, at last? Like black, gaunt fingers sticking into the moody sky, the trees marched along the skyline, and …

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Northern Six Stage Relays – Race Report

Kenny ‘The Recruiter’ Mac takes us on the rollercoaster that was Saturday’s Northern Relays, still managing to find time to get Keith Rooney into the report. Well done, Kenny Mac. Blackpool: the quintessential English seaside town, famous for Rock, Rollercoasters and now for hosting the Northern Relays. Also the location for the Annual Pilgrimage by …

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Tynedale 10M RR Race Report

The inimitable Keith Rooney reports from Sunday’s 10M jaunt along the Tyne. I’ve always liked Ovingham, the way it’s snuggled in between the grand sweep of the Tyne valley and the Tyne itself, making its leisurely way to busier places. The village: a picture postcard, sleepy church and of course the school which seems to ooze familiarity …

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Sunderland 5K Race Report

Hold on to your hats ladies and gents, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.. Keith Rooney reports from Wednesday’s race.. As I veered to the right of the postrate pain-hunched figure, I experienced vague feelings of deja vue: been here before…..where?….That’s it….. The Clive Cookson. That had been a hairy take off too. I …

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Clive Cookson 10k: Rooney Race Report

He’s TBH’s very own tabloid hack, Keith Rooney revels in the confusion, banter and needle of another superb night in the north east running calendar. “What do you reckon? Catherine Cookson?” “Eh! What?” “Catherine Cookson, any good for you?” “Sorry mate, I’m not into Victorian romance fiction.” “Nah man!…..The race!” “Oh!….. You mean the CLIVE …

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Jesmond Dene Handicap Series: Race 1

The one and only Keith Rooney reports from the 1st race of the Jesmond Dene Handicap series. It was sticky, the air filled with bothersome clouds of midges, I hated the blighters, they got in your mouth, up your nose and were a  general pain in the arse to run through: but and this was …

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The Sand Dancer 10k: 14 April 2013

Keith Rooney, cousin of Wayne, reports from Sunday’s Race. I have to admit, I felt a bit like Lawrence of Arabia as a another blast of sand swept across the path stinging the face and raking our legs. The Sand Dancer 10k was about to commence. Still my mood perked up with the arrival of Father Baker and …

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