2014 TBH Cup: Final Table

It gives me great pleasure to announce Alasdair Blain as the winner of the 2014 TBH Cup :thumbsup:


The TBH Cup is a series of eight races, with competitors best six results counting towards their final score.


Alasdair competed in seven of the eight events and rock-solid steady performances in all his races was enough to edge him ahead of 2nd placed athlete, Phil Scott.

Michael Nemeth completed the Top 3 finishers.


Of the 39 members who participated in the series, Michael was the only one to compete in all eight events.


nameNT 10KP2PCC 10KNRRTBH 5MS 5KD 10KT 10Mtotal
Alasdair Blain145135125125125105*0125780
Phil Scott13513511510511595*1250730
Michael Nemeth13011065*11012090*130110710
Edwin Wong1351257511512510500680
Stevie Barker150011012000130120630
Iain Dalby130110100011010000550
Stuart Dickson130010011011010000550
Alex Battersby120090909070090550
Lindsay Walsh1450115010585095545
James Knox12510510511585000535
Richard MacDonald1100010090901200510
john tollitt0012512512500125500
Annette Kelly1301100100907000500
Becky Parkin1500120013010000500
Margaret Hagood95856580008580490
Sophie Marr14514513500000425
Jon Moss130110008010000420
Charly Blackburn10580700858000420
David Daniels13013000001300390
John Hurse13000000130120380
Chris Graham13501250001150375
Matt Collins13000120120000370
Adam Jones14000120110000370
chris parkin1200800908000370
Tim Kelso01151250105000345
David Moir0000105950135335
Adam Wood00105011500105325
Nick Pearson00105010500105315
Sparrow Morley008509500125305
Matt Walker009510508500285
Joanne Wood1001000080000280
Shaun Brown001350001350270
Charlotte Carpenter130120000000250
Simon Pryde130000010000230
Will Johnson130000100000230
Stephanie McFarlane8000070000150
Micky Baker0130000000130
Kathleen Dempsey0000125000125
Sinead Coffey1100000000110


* discounted scores

NT10K – North Tyneside 10K

P2P – Pier To Pier MT

NRR – Newburn River Run

TBH 5M – Bridges of the Tyne 5 Mile Race

S 5K – Sunderland 5K

D 10K – Darlington 10K

T 10M – Tynedale 10 Mile


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    • Si on 1st September 2014 at 13:11
    • Reply

    Well Done Alistair!! You are living up to your nickname of Mr Consistency ;)

    • Brother Louis on 1st September 2014 at 14:04
    • Reply

    Well done champ! Getting fitter and faster, I’m expecting big things next year

    • Michael Nemeth on 1st September 2014 at 14:58
    • Reply

    Well done Alasdair. Thoroughly deserved win and congratulations to Phil too who kept me firmly in 3rd place. Cheers for not running the last race Edwin, you would have stolen it ;)

    • Alasdair on 1st September 2014 at 17:13
    • Reply

    Thanks folks, it was a good battle through the year. I was fortunate with a combination of a good starting handicap, others deep in spring marathon training for the early races, and lots of very good contenders not doing enough events!

    • Phil Scott on 1st September 2014 at 22:34
    • Reply

    Well done Alasdair, a thoroughly deserved victory! ☺

    Great effort from Michael too in being the only 1 to complete all 8 races in the series! I must admit that I felt nervous on Sunday morning about the very real possibility of getting pushed into 3rd place!

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