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Race Report: Sunderland Urban Ultra 2018

Sunderland Urban Ultra Saturday 3rd November 2018 Report by Michael Nemeth   WARNING: The Urban Ultra is a very long race, so a very long report is needed. Firstly, I’ll start with a little bit of background. Ever since my first Great North Run, back in 2012, someone told me about The Wall which is …

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2014 Yorkshire Marathon: Race Report

Feeling under the weather and got the running blues? Hopefully Catherine Eaton‘s race report from the Yorkshire Marathon will put a step back into your running.   Yorkshire Marathon race report: Sunday, 12th October 2014   This race was a long time coming for me, it was my comeback race. It sounds a bit crazy …

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Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra: 6 April 2013

Although he may have lost all feeling in his lower limbs after completing his latest epic run, thankfully Dave Rowe still has use of his fingers and has written this fantastic race report (I just wish he knew where the CAPS LOCK key was on his computer )   Take it away Dave…   I FIRST NOTICED THIS RACE …

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The 12 Dave’s Of Christmas #8 – Dave Rowe

I started running when I was at school doing x- country and 1500m, as I got older the distances became shorter until I was running no further than 400m. When I was old enough to enter public houses the running stopped, I did do 5 GNR in my late teens/early twenties with little or no training….

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