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2014/15 NEHL: Race 2 Report

I hope she doesn’t mind but I’m going to begin this report with a posting from Sarah Lindsay’s FB page which sum’s up the day beautifully.   …having had time to reflect on yesterday’s NEHL XC in Durham, I think each and every TBH runner should be congratulated on their efforts. …it was a brutal …

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NEHL – Blaydon: Race Report

Elspeth Lawson sends in this report from yesterdays NEHL meeting at Blaydon. I got up on Saturday morning pleased to see that it was neither raining or as cold as I had feared it would be. There were rumours of a high wind when I logged into TBH Facebook group but I didn’t let that worry me!

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NEHL 2: Farringdon: Ladies Race Report – Hills, Hugs & Holding On To 3rd Place

Jude Smith has sent in this excellent report from the Ladies Team from Farringdon. Having missed the Relays in September, this was my first visit to Farringdon, but I’d heard a lot of tales about ‘the hill’ and ‘the stream’ from more experienced runners.

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