Training Sessions w/c 27th February

Club Training schedule. week commencing 27th February is;

Tuesday 28th February

One – 2 miles @ 6.50, 6 x 400m (60s rec), 4 mins, 6 x 400m (60s rec), 2 miles @ 6.50
Two – 1.5 mile @ 7.30, 5 x 400m (60s rec), 4 mins, 5 x 400m (60s rec), 1.5 mile @ 7.30
Three – 1.5 mile @ 8.00, 4 x 90s (60s rec), 3 mins, 4 x 90s (60s rec), 1.5 mile @ 8.00
Four – 2 x 1.5 mile (4 minutes recovery)
Five -2 x 1 mile (4 minutes recovery)
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Thursday 1st March

One – 4 miles @ 10k pace
Two – 3.5 miles @ 10k pace
Three – 3 miles @ 10k pace
Four – 2 Sets of; 4 mins (2 min rec), 5 x 1 mins (30s rec) with 2 minutes between sets
Five – 2 Sets of; 3 mins (90s rec), 4 x 1 mins (30s rec) with 2 minutes between sets

Saturday 3rd March

NEHL XC @ Alnwick details here

all sessions to include warm-up and cool-down runs, and training routes to be announced on club night

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    • Big Ron on 24th February 2012 at 20:23
    • Reply

    Is it me or are the sessions becomming less varied? For example, the Tuesday session for groups 1 – 3 is very similar to sessions we have done on three of the last four Tuesdays!

      • Sean Kelly on 24th February 2012 at 20:34
      • Reply

      The training sessions have been planned over a period of months. At this time of year the club training is focussed on racing over specific distances. They are generic to a certain extent as they are for over 100 runners! There are certain races in mind that the training is a tool for.

        • Big Ron on 25th February 2012 at 16:08
        • Reply

        My comment wasn’t meant to be a criticism of the set sessions. I appreciate how difficult it must be for the coaches to set suitable sessions to cater for everyone but we do seem to have been doing a few very similar sessions over the last few weeks.

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