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Anita Nott Race Report

Many thanks to Kay Black for this personal account of the Anita Nott memorial race.   Anita Nott Memorial Race: Monday, 26th June 2017 One for the ladies   This race is special to me as last year it was the very first race I’ve done wearing a number bib and finished in a respectful …

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2016 Boston Marathon: Race Report

Andy Mellon relives the Boston Marathon. 3 hills or 4?   Boston Marathon: Monday 18 April 2016   I’ve read that every marathon you do is different. I’d learnt that from my two previous Autumn marathons at Chester; the first a 5 minute negative split run when the second half felt great as I pushed hard …

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Heaton Memorial 10K: Race Report

Christmas has come early with a cracker of a race report from Keith Rooney. “Pocket to socket, Rooney, pocket to socket!” I looked up, and could’ve sworn, I could make out, amidst all the murk, Coinneach Mor‘s loomingly lean frame, repleat with admonishing finger, that same look of quiet intensity, always unruffled, even when dealing …

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NoE Div 3E Track & Field report

Newly appointed Ladies T&F Manager, Lindsay Walsh, reports from Sunday’s goings on at Darlington.   The experience that was Northern Track and Field Darlington, May the fourth… (And I believe it must have been ‘with me’, Dave Moir!!) Well, really!??? Did you really think I could resist writing a ‘race report’ on such an amazing …

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2014 Greater Manchester Marathon Race Report 2

After a bumper weekend of Marathon races the reports keeping flooding in. This, the second from Greater Manchester marathon, is written by a fairly new member to the club, Faye Slade, and highlights – as all the others have – that passion and determination are just as important as speed and stamina.   Greater Manchester Marathon- 6th April 2014   …

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The other ‘Northerns’ report

Never to be outdone, the ever-competitive Keith Rooney adds a little muddiness to Lindsay Walsh’s own superb retelling of the Northern’s tale. Things got a bit dirty during the race in more ways than one. I’ve alluded to it, but not been specific in any detail. It shouldn’t be too controversial. “Mud glorious mud”…..Eh? I …

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Race Report: Jesmond Dene Handicap Series, R3

Nick Pearson discovers what it’s like to be Rooney-ed at the last of the fun and challenging Jesmond Dene handicap race series. I’d heard talk of the Jesmond Dene Handicap Series bandied about and seen several Tyne Bridge Harriers had been taking part in the earlier races and had quite fancied it myself but had …

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Heaton Town Moor Memorial 10k Race Report (2) – 11th November 2012

Third time lucky then. When Dave Young, Sophie Marr and myself accidentally trotted over the start line at the end of our warm-up around the Town Moor before Sunday’s Memorial 10k, we thought we’d just blown our chances of a collectively run sub-41m effort. Luckily it happens all the time, we were told, and it’s …

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Tyne Bridge join Heaton for Track & Field 2012

On Your Marks… We are very happy to announce that Tyne Bridge Harriers will be joining forces with our very good friends at Heaton Harriers as a combined team for the 2012 Northern Athletics Track & Field Season.

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Anita Nott – Womens Only Race

Congratulations to Lisa Walker who was Tyne Bridge Harriers sole standard bearer in the Anita Nott Womens Only Race in Jesmond Dene hosted by Heaton Harriers.

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Jesmond Dene – Race 3: Report & Results

Marc Fenwick, Joy Fenwick, Emma Moir, Alan Wallace, Sparrow Morley & Rob Kirtley lined up to take part in the third race of 4 of the Jesmond Dene Handicap Races

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Jesmond Dene Handicap Races: Race 3

The penultimate race in the series of 4 hosted by Heaton Harriers takes place tomorrow night (Thurs). 6 Tyne Bridge Harriers took part in the last race. Marc Fenwick will

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Jesmond Dene: Race 2 – RESULTS

Congratulations to the six Tyne Bridge Harriers who took part in the second of the Jesmond Dene Handicap Race on Thursday evening

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