Results round-up: August 2023

A round-up of results featuring TBH members (updated 27th August 2023).

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Mid Cheshire 5K: Friday 25th August

Terry Scott 16.03 3rd MV50 & MV50 Club Record :good:

Full results can be found here

Watergate 5K: Thursday 24th August

Alasdair Blain 18.03

Kathryn Stevenson 18.56 1st FV50 :good:

Rebecca Blain 19.17 2nd Senior Female :good:

Andy Harrison 19.28 3rd MV50 :good:

David Curran 25.33

Ria Knox 26.00

Jessica Anderson 29.07 1st FV65 :good:

Sandy Anderson 29.55

Full results can be found here

Tynedale 10 Miler: Sunday 20th August

Paul Hilton 1:12.37

Andy Harrison 1:13.01

Jennyfer Ricci 1:26.06

James Prescott 1:27.28

Steven Keay 1:39.42

Full results can be found here

Lambton Castle 10 Miles Trail Race: Sunday 20th August

Babsy Ewusie 1:45.28

Marie Bell 1:46.34

Full results can be found here

Branches & Bays 10K: Sunday 13th August

Gemma Lynch 1:04.49

James Prescott 1:05.29

Full results can be found here

Gateshead 10K Trail: Saturday 12th August

Tim Wilcock 35.19

Dominic Munnelly 38.42

Jonathan Longrigg 42.33

Anthony Tait 44.21

Rachel Turnbull 46.14

Paul Turnbull 46.44

Zheng Xiang Tan 52.03

David Gallagher 52.34

Alexandra Battersby 52.59

David Curran 55.18

Eoghan Quigley 58.57

Chris Desborough 1:00.14

Vicky McClurey 1:01.19

Lindsey Letts 1:01.36

Thomas Knaggs 1:05.10

Carol Summerside 1:08.33

Michelle Nemeth 1:08:50

Michael Nemeth 1:08:50

Catherine Williams 1:09.25

Kevin McClurey 1:10:11

Full results can be found here

York 5K: Friday 11th August

Sparrow 16.41

Full results can be found here

Quayside 5K: Wednesday 9th August

Michael Hedley 15.21 MV35 Club Record :good:

Tim Wilcock 15.52

Sam Wood 16.08 PB :thumbsup:

Terry Scott 16.17 1st MV50 & MV50 Club Record :good:

David Johnson 16.22

Tyler Helmuth 18.03 PB :thumbsup:

Alasdair Blain 18.29

Rebecca Blain 18.29 PB :thumbsup:

Sophie Marr 18.41 2nd FV35 :good:

Hannah Stewart 18.39 PB :thumbsup:

Kathryn Stevenson 18.41 1st FV50 :good:

Robyn Naylor 18.48 PB :thumbsup:

Alison Dargie 19.01 2nd FV45 :good:

Zoe Thompson 19.18 PB :thumbsup:

Stephen Kettle 19.28 3rd MV55 :good:

Anthony Tait 19.21 PB :thumbsup:

Rachel Turnbull 19.49 PB :thumbsup:

Gavin Thompson 19.57 PB :thumbsup:

Carrie Collins 19.59 PB :thumbsup:

Chris Armstrong 20.15 PB :thumbsup:

Angus Smith 20.23

Megan Parkin 20.48

Kevin Sorlie 21.04

Joseph Taylor 21.10

Peter Coyle 21.13

Angelo Gabriele 21.15 PB :thumbsup:

John Dobbs 21.24 PB :thumbsup:

Lucas Riley 21.32

Amy Johnson 21.38 PB :thumbsup:

Charlie Marsh 21.49 PB :thumbsup:

Michael Nemeth 21.58

Jessica Graham 22.19 PB :thumbsup:

Carly Nixon 22.27

Yamuna Thiru 22.40 2nd FV55 & FV55 Club Record :good:

Morloes Peeters 22.48

Elouise Pretorious 22.49

Anthony Young 23.08

David Young 23.47

Laura Gabriele 23.47

Justine Carrion-Weiss 23.53 PB :thumbsup:

Jessica Hamilton 24.34 PB :thumbsup:

Alex Antonopoulos 24.32

Lucy Dunbar 24.48

Nik Mohamed Kamal 24.44

Helen Bell 25.15 PB :thumbsup:

Ria Knox 25.22

Jemma Carr 25.27 PB :thumbsup:

Steven Keay 25.36

Andrea Ingles 25.50

Marie Bell 25.55

John Hindmarch 27.21

Rowen Nugent 27.55 PB :thumbsup:

Jordan Stock 28.36 PB :thumbsup:

Lindsey Letts 28.43

Nadine Zimmerlin 29.35 PB :thumbsup:

Elaine O’Mara 29.44

Sandra Ellis 33.00 PB :thumbsup:

Claire Wynarczyk 33.52

Full results can be found here

NEMAA T&F: Monday 7th August


Lindsey Letts (F50) 3:39.4

John Hindmarch (M75) 3:42.2

Heather Allaway (F50) 3:01.4

MArie Bell (F45) 3:20.5

Allison Ennis (F50) 2:55.7

Kevin Sorlie (M45) 2:39.6

David Cornish (M35) 2:40.5


John Hindmarch (M75) 41.8

Michael Higgins (M70) 42.7 PB :thumbsup:

Sue Regan (F65) 43.3

Lindsey Letts (F50) 37.8

Marie Bell (F45) 37.8

David Cornish (M35) 28.8

Alison Ennis (F50) 30.7

Triple Jump

Marie Bell (F45) 6.47m FV45 Club Record :good:

Alison Ennis (F50) 5.80m

Full results can be found here

South Shields 10 Mile Race: Sunday 6th August

Anthony Tait 1:15.17 PB :thumbsup:

James Knox 1:18.23

Kirsty Nicholson 1:42.41

Claire Wynarczyk 2:24.07

Full results can be found here

Darlington 10K: Sunday 6th August

Mark Toward 36.11

Dominic Munnelly 36.48

DD 39.46

Paul Kersley 40.21

Jacob Turner 47.51 PB :thumbsup:

Ellie Chapman 51.22 PB :thumbsup:

Marie Bell 53.37

Ria Knox 53.40

Samantha Young 56.21 PB :thumbsup:

Full results can be found here

South Shields Monthly Mile: Wednesday 2nd August

Sparrow 4.48

Zak Kettle 4.51 PB :thumbsup:

Jake Moir 5.04 PB :thumbsup:

Isaac Snell 5.32 PB :thumbsup:

Richard Tailford 5.41

Stephen Kettle 5.45 PB :thumbsup:

Anthony Tait 5.45 PB :thumbsup:

Charlie Kilgour 6.37 PB :thumbsup:

Samuel Snell 6.39 PB :thumbsup:

Steven Keay 7.24

Full results can be found here

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