TBH Virtual 5K Handicap Race

For the latest virtual challenge, TBH members took part in a 5K Handicap run.

But rather than handicap times being applied to individual athletes, they were applied to the training groups instead. 

So rather than running for personal glory, members were running for the honour of their regular training group. 

And the victorious group were…(and I take no added satisfaction just because this is my regular training group – DD), the victorious group were…

:thumbsup: GROUP 3 :thumbsup:


But it was a close run thing, with 33 seconds separating the four competing groups, and every group improving their average 5k time compared to previous virtual races.

Thanks to everyone who took part :good:

Final results;

Group 3 – 29m 07s

Group 2 – 29m 21s

Group 4 – 29m 33s

Group 5 – 29m 40s

(note: results include handicap times


Individual times;

Name5K Time
Ben Rea00:17:45
Ian Jackman00:19:29
Adrian Hall00:19:30
Kev Sorlie00:19:54
Sophie Marr00:20:05
Paul Hilton00:20:06
John Tollitt00:20:26
Simon Pryde00:20:38
Jamie Wilson00:20:41
David Cornish00:21:19
Dave Young00:22:14
Heather Dorman00:22:16
Joseph Taylor00:22:25
Lucy Matheson00:22:29
Ria Chaston00:22:44
Amy Hume00:22:59
Megan Parkin00:23:41
Alba Gadeau00:23:58
Karen Ord00:24:10
Richard Taylor00:24:24
Jen Ricci00:25:37
Laney Fitzpatrick00:25:51
Rachel McMillan00:25:53
Ron Murray00:25:54
Helen Bell00:26:31
Chantel Wilson00:26:35
Karen Walker00:26:53
Gemma Finnie00:27:05
Stu Dickson00:27:12
Roger Heath00:27:41
Julie Killick00:27:50
Michael Higgins00:27:54
Lindsey Letts00:28:08
Jessica Anderson00:28:33
Kevin McClurey00:29:59
Jennifer Jones00:30:00
Ray Wilkie00:31:11
Elaine Henderson00:33:09
Margi Eccles00:34:21
Claire Wynarczyk00:34:52

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    • Ron Murray on 16th June 2020 at 15:34
    • Reply

    Would be good to see individual times of all competitors

    1. I’m here to please :good:

        • Ron Murray on 17th June 2020 at 13:20
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