The Virtual Blaydon Race 2020

We runners are a hardy bunch, and nothing comes between us and a local road race – not even a pandemic.

Last week saw the staging of the Virtual Blaydon Race, and TBH had another terrific turn-out in the event.

Well done to everyone who represented the club :thumbsup:

15Alex Wilkins00:35:50
17Andrew Keers00:36:34
55Adrian Hall00:39:41
61Michael Bell00:39:55
85Jonathan Longrigg00:40:58
153Marc Marshall00:43:01
213Anna Oswald00:44:25
226Adam Jones00:44:43
263Alexandra Battersby00:45:45
353Susan Murphy00:47:29
373Garuth Logan00:47:51
468Karen Ord00:49:11
473Katie Gallagher00:49:18
614France Villeneuve00:51:32
645Joanne Wood00:52:00
676Minna Eii00:52:22
682Mark Oselton00:52:27
729Gemma Finnie00:52:59
755Laney Fitzpatrick00:53:19
851Keith Graham00:54:31
874Carol Summerside00:54:48
930Victoria Douglass00:55:35
939Jennyfer Ricci00:55:38
1237Jennifer Jones00:58:59
1316Matthew Pearson00:59:58
1420Hilary Rose01:01:45
1868Margaret Eccles01:09:16
1883Michelle Nemeth01:09:47
2060Claire Wynarczyk01:15:07
2195Jamie Lee01:23:07
2234Sarah Ellis01:28:03
2294Faye Slade01:49:40

Full results can be found here

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