Results round-up: January 2015

A round-up of recent race results featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers. [updated 4th January 2015]



Brooks Serpentine New Year’s Day 10K: 1st January

42.11 John Tollitt

Full results can be found here.



Morpeth 11K Road Race: 1st January

39.19 Lee Cuthbertson

40.08 John Hurse

41.26 David Daniels

49.51 Paul Feeley

Full results can be found here.

Lee in action.

Lee in action.


John approaching the finishing line.

John approaching the finishing line.

DD pleased it's almost over.

DD pleased it’s almost over.

Thanks to Dave Kitching (Blyth Harriers) for the photographs.


Following parkrun events on 1st January.

Albert Park parkrun

20.07 Nicholas Hall parkrun PB :thumbsup:


Blackhill parkrun

22.36 Melissa McPherson


Darlington parkrun

17.55 Alastair Spanner

20.31 Paul Andrews

23.58 Anji Rippon


Riverside parkrun

18.14 Stephen Barker

21.38 Phil Scott

22.58 Edwin Wong

23.20 Kerry Reed

25.06 Chris Parkin

25.06 Gillian Parkin

29.31 Sara James


Sedgefield parkrun

27.28 Paul Andrews

27.28 Anji Rippon


Stewart parkrun

20.34 Nicholas Hall


York parkrun

23.37 Killian McCartney



Newcastle Resolution Run: 1st January

32.11 Kurt Heron (2nd overall :thumbsup: )

35.07 Ian Pickett

36.53 Alison Dargie (2nd Female :thumbsup: )

37.21 Andy Harrison

40.08 John Goldsborough

40.20 David Dickson

43.40 Richard MacDonald

43.43 Jon Moss

44.02 Heather Dorman

46.06 Kyoung Goffe

49.33 Janet Oliver

52.39 Sarah McMahon

58.51 Jane Shearer



Old Monks Race MT: 4th January

38.01 Louise Rodgers (1st Female :thumbsup: )

Full results can be found here.



Please get in touch if you raced and would like your name mentioned in the results.

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