Winter Grand Prix: Race 4 Results

First of all, many thanks to all the volunteers who braved the elements on a chilly winter’s evening.

The support from the marshals was terrific and provided a massive boost to the runners on the course.


First over the finishing line was newcomer Jacob Bartos, in a time of 26.44.

Afforded a generous handicap because it was his first run with the club, Jacob finished almost five minutes ahead of 2nd placed runner, Emily Gallone (30.23), who was also making her first appearance at the club.

Completing the Top 3 was Rose Lord (30.25).


Quickest times in the race were;


15.30 Marc Fenwick

16.00 James Dunce

16.54 David Johnson


19.11 Magda Grinsdale

20.59 Yamuna Thiru

22.18 Anji Rippon


Results from the race can be viewed below.


positionnamerace timereal time
1Jacob Bartos00:26:4400:19:44
2Emily Gallone00:30:2300:28:53
3Rose Lord00:30:2500:28:55
4Janet Pollington00:30:4000:29:10
5Anton Mirafsari00:30:4800:19:48
6John Goldsbrough00:30:5000:19:20
7Philip Scott00:30:5500:20:55
8Lysanne Jurriansen00:30:5700:25:57
9Andy Harrison00:31:0800:18:38
10Mark Hall00:31:1200:18:42
11Kerry Neil00:31:1700:23:47
12Emily Mavin00:31:2800:28:28
13Laura Wade00:31:3000:23:30
14Sara James00:31:3200:28:32
15Louise Kelly00:31:3400:30:04
16Margaret Eccles00:31:3600:28:36
17Joel English00:31:3700:17:07
18Nick Vennart00:31:3800:19:38
19Laura Pentland00:31:4100:23:41
20Magda Grinsdale00:31:4100:19:11
21Adrian Hall00:31:4400:19:44
22Tyrone Murphy00:31:4500:26:15
23Nicholas Pearson00:31:4600:20:16
24Craig MacDougal00:31:4800:25:18
25Ste Beer00:31:4900:25:19
26Russell Deane00:31:5100:19:21
27Charlie Townsend00:31:5300:18:53
28Steven Bond00:31:5400:20:24
29Rachel Estrop00:31:5500:25:25
30Helen Hargrave00:31:5800:24:28
31Alexandra Battersby00:31:5900:22:59
32Jonathan Longrigg00:32:0000:19:00
33Paul Andrews00:32:0000:18:30
34Faye Slade00:32:0000:26:30
35Henrik Aicher00:32:0100:21:01
36Will Johnson00:32:0200:21:02
37Tim Hawkins00:32:0300:22:03
38Sarah Butler00:32:0400:31:34
39Graham King00:32:0500:21:05
40Tom Hanson00:32:0600:21:06
41Joanne Wood00:32:0600:25:06
42Imogen Barr00:32:1200:25:42
43Nicholas Hall00:32:1500:19:15
44Jon Moss00:32:1500:18:15
45Kate Frame00:32:1600:25:46
46Anji Rippon00:32:1800:22:18
47Sarah McMahon00:32:1900:26:19
48Michelle Bannan00:32:1900:24:19
49Andrew Crawford00:32:2100:20:51
50Yvonne Storey00:32:2200:24:52
51Sarah Chadwick00:32:2300:22:53
52Evelyn Maholam00:32:2500:32:25
53Matt Walker00:32:2800:20:28
54Yamuna Thiru00:32:2900:20:59
55Marc Fenwick00:32:3000:15:30
56Luke Bryant00:32:3100:17:31
57David Anderson00:32:3200:17:32
58Killian McCartney00:32:3300:22:33
59Alastair Spanner00:32:3300:17:33
60Scott Hudspeth00:32:3500:24:35
61Keith Rooney00:32:3700:19:07
62Alex Lockwood00:32:3900:19:39
63Edmund English00:32:4000:19:10
64Elaine O'Mara00:32:4100:32:41
65Colin Dilks00:32:4200:21:42
66Adrian Brooks00:32:4500:21:45
67James Dunce00:32:4500:16:00
68Tom Colquitt00:32:4600:18:46
69John Tollitt00:32:4800:19:48
70Andrew Keogan00:32:4900:21:19
71Lee Allen00:32:5000:21:20
72Rachel Adamson00:32:5000:22:20
73Ian Walton00:32:5100:23:51
74Alan Alexander00:32:5100:21:51
75Alison Bulman00:32:5300:27:53
76David Johnson00:32:5400:16:54
77Michael Nemeth00:32:5500:23:55
78Krystal White00:32:5700:30:57
79Arnaud Albertini00:32:5700:20:27
80Lee Cuthbertson00:32:5900:16:59
81Deborah Airey00:32:5900:32:29
82Matt Davison00:33:0200:18:32
83Denise Connor00:33:0300:28:33
84Andy Smythe00:33:0500:17:05
85Steve Shotton00:33:0900:20:39
86Stephen Hall00:33:1500:24:45
87Ian Pickett00:33:1800:17:18
88Martin Smith00:33:2900:26:59
89Paul O'Mara00:33:3000:17:30
90David Moir00:33:3100:17:31
91Morag Kerry00:33:4100:28:11
92Richard MacDonald00:33:4100:22:41
93Andrea Hayden00:34:0100:31:31
94Chris Graham00:34:0200:18:02


The results will be posted to Power of 10 soon so if you spot an error with your result (either an incorrect time or a spelling mistake), please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


The next race of the Winter Grand Prix is scheduled for Tuesday, 3rd February 2015.


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