2014 Summer GP: Race 6 Results

On a perfect summers evening, 65 competitors took part in the final race of this year’s Summer Grand Prix.

And the first athlete to complete the two mile distance race was Nick Vennart :thumbsup:

Completing the Top 3 were Ed English and Penny Schofield, both competing the event for the 1st time.

Well done Ed & Penny.


Quickest time of the evening went to Tim Kelso, finishing in 11:26, whilst the honour of posting the quickest female time was shared by Yam Thiru and Kym Eden (13:29).


As always, special thanks to all the volunteers who helped the event go off without a hitch.

memberrace timetrue time
Nick Vennart00:20:0300:13:33
Ed English00:20:5000:12:50
Penny Schofield00:21:1500:16:45
Mary Gunawan00:21:3800:19:08
Paul Brown00:21:4400:21:14
Emily Mavin00:21:5500:15:55
Andrew Crawford00:22:0200:12:32
Kate Frame00:22:0400:16:34
Lysanne Jurriansen00:22:0400:14:04
Rob Clark00:22:0500:16:05
Henrik Aicher00:22:0700:13:37
Jenny Logue00:22:0900:14:09
Emma Frost00:22:1200:16:42
Richard Dixon00:22:1400:14:44
Chris Mitsides00:22:1500:12:45
Jayne Russell00:22:2400:16:54
Helen Hargrave00:22:2600:16:56
Fiona Conway00:22:2800:14:58
Kym Eden00:22:2900:13:29
Becky Parkin00:22:3200:13:32
Nick Hall00:22:3200:12:32
Sara James00:22:3400:18:49
Martin Hall00:22:3500:13:35
Will Johnson00:22:3600:13:36
Colin Dilks00:22:4000:13:40
Jack Brinn00:22:4000:15:40
Tim Kelso00:22:4100:11:26
Albertini Arnaud00:22:4200:12:42
Tom Colquitt00:22:4300:11:43
David Anderson00:22:4400:11:44
Evie Maholam00:22:4900:21:49
Chris Bartlett00:22:5000:14:20
Stephen Barker00:22:5100:11:36
Neal Richardson00:22:5200:13:22
Nick Pearson00:22:5300:12:53
Rachel Adamson00:22:5300:13:53
David Frost00:22:5400:16:24
Alasdair Blain00:22:5500:11:55
Caroline Meaney00:22:5600:16:56
Alan Alexander00:22:5800:12:58
Ellie Dowding00:23:0300:17:03
Charles Hazlerigg00:23:0300:11:33
Matt Davison00:23:0400:11:34
Chris Parkin00:23:0500:14:35
Stephanie McGuigan00:23:0900:17:09
Mal Gibson00:23:1000:12:40
Emma Brooks00:23:1100:17:11
Shaun Cowan00:23:1300:15:13
John Pickering00:23:1900:13:04
Gemma Cowan00:23:2100:15:51
Michael Gibbs00:23:2200:13:22
David Colpitts00:23:2200:11:52
Stephen Hall00:23:2400:15:24
Charlie Townsend00:23:2900:12:59
Jonathan Pearson00:23:4000:13:10
David Appleby00:23:4100:12:26
Deborah Airey00:23:4300:21:13
Nicola Brady00:23:4400:15:14
James Thompson00:23:4700:13:17
Nick Varley00:23:5000:13:20
Yam Thiru00:23:5900:13:29
Adam Jones00:24:0300:14:03
Michael Nemeth00:24:1600:15:16
Asari Rashid00:24:3700:15:07


If you notice an error with your result (particularly any spelling mistakes) please get in touch and I’ll amend accordingly.




ps. well done to Rachel for keeping schtum the whole evening. Wonders never cease ;-)

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