2013/14 NEHL: Race 4 results

Well done to everyone who took part in the latest round of the North East Harrier League.


The first member representing the club was Jane Harland in the Under-13 Girls event.

namerace timereal time
jane harland13:0213:02


Next up were the Senior Ladies, and solid performances from Lindsay Walsh, Sophie Marr and Lucy Matheson helped the ladies finish in 6th place.

namerace timereal time
lindsay walsh29:2229:22
sophie marr30:5928:59
lucy matheson31:0029:00
charlotte carpenter31:4531:45
kym eden32:3628:36
sinead coffey35:0935:09
Claire norman35:3435:34
lisa walker35:5435:54
joanne wood36:1736:17
Victoria cuthbertson36:5236:52
charlotte blackburn38:1438:14
Margaret hagood40:4040:40
Kelly phillipson41:4241:42
Caroline mooney42:2442:24
louise ann kelly44:0244:02
sara sedgley44:2944:29
evelyn maholam44:4144:41


Finally it was the turn of the Senior Men, and thanks to some strong packing – especially from several Group 2 members – the club finished in a tremendous 3rd place (behind Morpeth and Durham).

namerace timereal time
Darryl davison38:2435:54
chris meek38:3938:39
mike norbury38:4138:41
james dunce38:4236:12
douglas tickner38:4536:15
andy smythe38:5238:52
tim kelso38:5338:53
andy harrison39:0539:05
david moir39:1136:41
alan hodgson39:1539:15
chris graham39:4737:17
alex polding40:1037:40
John Hurse40:2540:25
Tony Carter40:3135:31
Keith Rooney40:5240:52
David Appleby40:5240:52
jomah kekula41:1338:43
john tollitt41:1541:15
mal gibson41:3841:38
Alasdair blain42:0042:00
nick pearson42:2942:29
Edwin wong42:5042:50
mark reynolds43:0743:07
david young43:3843:38
james robson43:5343:53
micky baker44:3044:30
Stephen osselton44:4844:48
guy rintoul44:5644:56
henrik aicher45:2045:20
matt walker46:0646:06
colin dilks46:1846:18
arnaud albertini46:3446:34
Philip scott47:1847:18
Jonathon frith48:0948:09
gary harland50:0550:05
joel tepace50:1050:10
iain dalby50:3650:36
Michael nemeth50:3650:36
holger keinast51:0751:07
kevin cheetham53:1453:14
scott wilkinson63:1663:16


A full set of results from the fixture can be found here.

The next event takes place at Alnwick, March 1st 2014.

(note: results updated 10.02.2014)

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    • Charlotte Carpenter on 9th February 2014 at 11:49
    • Reply

    Hi Dave, please could you add me to the ladies – I finished in between Lucy and Kim with a time of 31.47. I am still waiting for Paul Dixon to reflect this in the official results, but don’t want to be missed off our results too! Thanks!

  1. no problem Charlotte. If anyone else is missing from the results please let me know and I’ll amend accordingly.

    • Charlotte Carpenter on 9th February 2014 at 13:40
    • Reply

    Mucho thanks!

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