TBH Summer Grand Prix: Race 6 Results

Congratulations to Sara Sedgley for coming 1st in the final race of the Summer GP Series.

Making her competition debut, Sara went off a scratch time and finished in 19:47, just a few seconds ahead of 2nd place runner, Helen Fox.

Finishing 3rd overall, and first male finisher, was Stephen Dixon in a time of 20:33.

Quickest lad and lass of the night were Jack Neeson (10:53) and Sophie Marr (13:34) respectively.

Re-arranged due to last week’s torrential rain showers, tonight’s race had an earlier start time than usual, and thanks must go the 33 competitors for making the extra effort for turning up and making the final race just as exciting as the previous five.

Finally, a special mention to all the members who marshalled and helped during the event.

Tonight’s results are shown below and the final points table will appear soon.


PositionNameRace TimeActual Time
1Sara Sedgley00:19:4700:19:47
2Helen Fox00:19:5400:19:54
3Stephen Dixon00:20:3300:12:18
4Euen Clubbs00:21:0800:12:53
5Alan Wallace00:21:1200:12:57
6Ryan Hogben00:21:1900:15:04
7Annette Kelly00:21:2300:15:08
8Gill Parkin00:21:2700:17:42
9Sue Mullinger00:21:2900:17:44
10Gail Allan00:21:3000:16:45
11Keith Rooney00:21:3300:14:03
12Rachel Adamson00:21:3500:15:50
13Julie Shaw00:21:4200:15:12
14Claire Smith00:21:4600:17:31
15Jack Neeson00:21:5300:10:53
16Emma Muir00:21:5700:16:12
17Steve Compton00:21:5700:13:42
18Sparrow Morley00:22:0000:11:00
19Chris Parkin00:22:0100:14:31
20Aimee Cook00:22:0200:15:32
21Sophie Marr00:22:0400:13:34
22Kerry Reed00:22:0700:14:37
23Stuart Dickson00:22:1000:13:55
24Rob Wishart00:22:1200:11:57
25Colin Dilks00:22:1500:13:15
26Lucy Matheson00:22:1700:13:47
27Stevie Barker00:22:1700:12:47
28Keith Smith00:22:2000:11:20
29Bridgette Shaw00:22:2900:16:29
30Darryl Davison00:22:3800:11:53
31Theresa Hindmarch00:22:4700:19:32
32Dominic McBride00:22:5500:16:10
33Phillippa Nichol00:22:5500:16:55

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