parkrun GP: Race 3 coming up

Just a reminder that this Saturday 4th June sees the third race in our series of six Newcastle parkrun GP Series on Newcastle Town Moor.

David Appleby is currently in top position of the series with 75 pts, Tony Carter 2nd with 70 pts & Graham King 3rd with 65 points.

Updated tables and current standings in the Tyne Bridge Harriers parkrun GP can be found here

The parkrun GP series is based on Age Grading and points are awarded in the following manner

Allocation of Points

Each competitor will receive 10 points for completing a race (up to a maximum of 40 points) and 5 bonus points will be awarded to any competitor who completes all six races.

The Grand Prix scoring system will use the parkrun ‘Age Grading’ system to determine how well a competitor has performed in each race.

Points will be allocated as follows;

5 pts > 55%
10pts > 60%
15pts > 65%
20pts > 70%
25pts > 75%
30pts > 80%
40pts > 85%
50pts > 90%

so if a competitor recorded an age grading of 77.5% they would receive 25 points.

To stop a competitor from gaining an unfair advantage, only races which place at Newcastle parkrun on the dates shown above will qualify towards the Grand Prix. Best 4 races will count.

At the last race we had 13 club members taking part.. let’s try to exceed that amount greatly on Saturday.

please wear your Club Vest for these races

It helps promote our club to the parkrun community and also the sharp, crisp Black n White of Tyne Bridge Harriers looks amazing in large numbers.


Newcastle parkrun is a FREE weekly 5k timed event and your time can only be recorded if you have registered with parkrun and downloaded your personal barcode.

If you haven’t registered and got your parkrun barcode, please Register Here

This Saturday is also the Run Free event taking place sponsored by Lucozade. Everyone is asked to encourage a family member or the whole family & friends to attend parkrun and enjoy the 5k run followed by refreshments afterwards.

more information here

If you have any further queries, need clarification or help, please contact Dave Daniels on club nights or via the Email group.

See you there

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