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2013 Chester Marathon Race Report

Kerry Reed, a founding member of Tyne Bridge Harriers, takes us on an emotional 26 Miles journey.   This year I decided to run a marathon for the first time, this is my account on the experience…….. 2013 Chester Marathon: 6th October 2013 About January time, on hearing all of the talk around group 4 of …

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Training Sessions: w/c 14th October 2013

This week’s training sessions are;   Tuesday 15th Group 1: 5 x 1200m Group 2: 5 x 4 minutes Group 3: 5 x 4 minutes Group 4: 5 x 4 minutes Group 5: 2 x 4 minutes, 3 x 2 minutes, 3 x 1 minute   Wednesday 16th Beginner’s session: 6:30pm at East End Pool. …

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ERRA National 6-Stage Road Relays: 12th October 2013

Huge congratulations to Kevin Jeffress, Sparrow Morley, Darryl Davison, Keith Smith, Tony Carter and Marc Fenwick whom – as a six-man relay team – finished in 57th position (out of 78) at this year’s National 6-Stage Road Relay Championships. When Tyne Bridge Harriers was formed in the early 2011, one of it’s aim’s was to develop into a competitive force within the …

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TBH Member of the Month: September 2013

Selecting the TBH Member of the Month for September was extremely difficult. With so much happening throughout the month, including the Tynedale 10M, Tees Pride 10k, Great North Run and the Redcar Half, trying to keep track of all the terrific performances was a challenge in itself. But our winner, Keith Rooney, excelled in every event he entered during September. An excellent …

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Great Cumbrian Half Marathon Race Report: 6th Oct

A guest report this week, from Karen Rooney at our sister club Tyne Bridge Warriors, on the Great Cumbrian half marathon. Go Karen. “A difficult nut to crack,” I said, gesturing around the massive, crimson-coloured bastion that is Carlisle castle. I was standing with Dave Young in the Castle’s central square. We were waiting for …

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2013 Cardiff Half Marathon Race Report

Club member Richard McCarthy reports from his home town half marathon event.   Cardiff Half Marathon: 6th October 2013 The self-proclaimed “Europe’s Finest Half Marathon” was one race I wasn’t going to miss this year. Running an event back in my home town, and now in a club vest, this was going to be the …

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parkrun roundup: 5th October 2013

Below is a comprehensive list of Tyne Bridge members that participated at parkrun this weekend. If your name is missing from the list, please contact parkrun direct (office@parkrun.com) and ask them to change your details.   Results for  Barrow parkrun, event number 103, 05/10/2013 140 participants completed the run today. The first male to finish …

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2013 Robin Hood Marathon Race Report

Having physically – and mentally – recovered from last month’s Robin Hood Marathon, David Anderson writes this report. IKANO Robin Hood Marathon: 29th September 2013 16 weeks of Advanced marathon training was going great (the 18 week program up to 55 Miles), highlighted at the Jelly T 10 Mile race where I finished in a PB of 59:36. Next was the …

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Weekend round-up: 5th & 6th October 2013

A round-up of the weekend’s races featuring Tyne Bridge members.   2013 West Sydney Half Marathon: 5th October Shaun Brown: 1:18:35 (5th overall)   Full results here.     2013 Chester Marathon: 6th October David Moir: 2:53:02 Steve Cairns: 2:54:47 (racing under different club name) Isobel Knox: 3:15:08 Kerry Reed: 3:41:33 Guy Rintoul: 3:55:39 Richard Jones: 4:11:38 …

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Training Sessions: w/c 7th October 2013

This week’s training sessions are;   Tuesday 8th October Group 1: 2 (400m, 600m, 800m, 1000m) Group 2: 2 (1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min) Group 3: 2 (1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min) Group 4: 2 (1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min) Group 5: 1 x 3 minutes, …

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Sherman Cup / Davison Shield Race Report

Possibly TBH’s most improved runner of the year (that gets the debate going!), Chris ‘I was nominated by Rooney’ Graham gives us his ups and downs of the first cross country event of the year. Arriving early, John Hurse and I busied ourselves putting up the tent and flag. We had not slotted together a …

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Lake Tahoe Triple Marathon: 27-29th September 2013

Although he’s been away from the club for a few weeks, member Richard Jones is still busy knocking out those marathons. 51, 52 & 53… I decided to do this event for a few reasons; it is a spectacular place and the scenery is amazing, the event covers two states (California and Nevada) which helps …

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TBH 2013/14 NEHL Grand Prix Series.

That’s right folks, another Grand Prix Series!! In much the same way as previous cross-country seasons, members will be awarded points after every 2013/14 North-East Harrier League event (including the Sherman Cup/Davison Shield season opener and North Eastern X-C Championships), with points based on the following criteria; finishing position in the race finishing as a team counter (1-6 …

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2013/14 TBH Winter Grand Prix: Race 1 Results

The 2013/14 Winter Grand Prix got off to a flying start as Marc Fenwick flew around the 5k quayside route to post a new course record of 15:44. And hopes of a record turn-out exceeded all expectations as final runner, Paul Brown, crossed the finishing line in 104th position. With such a huge turn-out, including …

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