Weekend round-up: 5th & 6th October 2013

A round-up of the weekend’s races featuring Tyne Bridge members.


2013 West Sydney Half Marathon: 5th October

Shaun Brown: 1:18:35 (5th overall)

Start of the West Sydney Half Marathon

Start of the West Sydney Half Marathon


Full results here.



2013 Chester Marathon: 6th October

David Moir: 2:53:02

Steve Cairns: 2:54:47 (racing under different club name)

Isobel Knox: 3:15:08

Kerry Reed: 3:41:33

Guy Rintoul: 3:55:39

Richard Jones: 4:11:38

Start-line of the Chester Marathon

Start-line of the Chester Marathon


Full results can be found here.



2013 Great Scottish 10K: 6th October

Aimee Cook: 47:54



2013 Great Cumbrian Half-Marathon: 6th October

Jon Moss: 1:28:55

Dave Young: 1:30:05

Sophie Marr: 1:31:07

Keith/Karen Rooney: 1:34:30

Rajan Nair: 1:36:15

Felicity Watson: 1:47:58

Rachel Adamson: 1:50:01

Alex Battersby: 1:53:31


TBH crew prior to race.

TBH crew prior to race.


Full results can be found here.



2013 Rainford 10K: 6th October

Darryl Davison: 35:35 (1st)

DD2 collecting the winner's cup.

DD2 collecting the winner’s cup.

Click here to read local newspaper report.



2013 Kielder 10K: 5th October

Adrian Brooks: 45:41

Emma Brooks: 57:47



2013 Kielder Marathon: 6th October

Adrian Brooks: 3:55:15

Steffen Haugk: 4:40:03


Hellhole 10k: 6th October

Nick Pearson: 45:10


2013 Cardiff Half Marathon: 6th October

Richard McCarthy: 1:42:29

Click here to read Richard’s race report.


Please leave a message if your name is missing from any of the results shown above.

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  1. Well done everybody and congratulations to those who ran a PB.

    Look forward to reading all the marvellous race reports (hint ;-) )

    • keith rooney on 7th October 2013 at 13:12
    • Reply

    What the hell do I do about the Cumbrian half! All my details were wrong! It won’t be on Power of 10 now and it was a 13 min PB. Bloody disgraceful lack of care and attentio from race organisers. My own e-mail account has been closed down by Blackberry and there’s no contact phone number for organisers. This is stressful!!

  2. calm down Karen, it’s only a race!! I’m sure there’ll be plenty more in the future.

    besides, as long as you get your name read out at the club on Tuesday, what more do you want ;-)

    but seriously, massive congratulations Keith, that’s a fantastic performance. And just 24 hours after posting a PB at Newcastle parkrun.

    1. ps. I’ve been in touch with the firm who set up the timing equipment and your details will be amended soon.

    • keith rooney on 7th October 2013 at 17:00
    • Reply

    Oh…….Well, if that’s the case, might do a race report. Cheers DD1.

    • Nick on 8th October 2013 at 21:26
    • Reply

    I was representing at the Hellhole 10k in Stanley this weekend as well.. Fun times, came 25th in 45:10. It’s definitely not flat though!

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