TBH 2013/14 NEHL Grand Prix Series.

That’s right folks, another Grand Prix Series!!

In much the same way as previous cross-country seasons, members will be awarded points after every 2013/14 North-East Harrier League event (including the Sherman Cup/Davison Shield season opener and North Eastern X-C Championships), with points based on the following criteria;

finishing position in the race

finishing as a team counter (1-6 for men, 1-3 for women)

promotion to higher pack category. i.e. slow to medium, medium to fast

being selected as ‘Man/Woman of the Match’

Members will also be awarded their ‘handicap points’ after each race. These ‘handicap points’ were calculated before the season began and are based upon a member’s athletic ability (i.e. a Group 1 runner may be given 10 points while a Group 3 runner may be given 50 points).

80 bonus points will be awarded to athletes who participate in every event during the series.

At the end of the season, the male and female members with the most points will be crowned TBH NEHL Grand Prix Series winners.

For the first race of the season – The Sherman Cup/Davison Shield – all finishers receive 100 points.


Ladies Points Table.

Sherman cupBlaydonJarrowMorpethNE X-CSaltwellAlnwickPrudhoe
Kym Eden120120
Charlotte Carpenter100100
Claire Norman100100
Denise Waugh100100
Lisa Walker100100
Rebecca Harrison100100
Sophie Marr100100
Stephanie McFarlane100100
Victoria Cuthbertson100100


Men’s Points Table

Sherman cupBlaydonJarrowMorpethNE X-CSaltwellAlnwickPrudhoe
David Moir120120
Andrew Dougal100100
Christopher Graham100100
Colin Dilks100100
David Anderson100100
David Daniels100100
David Dickson100100
Henrik Aicher100100
Holger Kienast100100
James Dunce100100
James Knox100100
John Hurse100100
John Tollitt100100
Keith Rooney100100
Keith Smith100100
Kevin Cheetham100100
Louis Goffe100100
Malcolm Gibson100100
Mark Reynolds100100
Michael Baker100100
Nicholas Pearson100100
Paul Hilton100100
Peter Hubbard100100
Rob Wishart100100
Simon Kristiansen100100
Stephen Osselton100100
Steven Shotton100100
Tony Carter100100


nb. this season’s x-c results can be found on the NEHL website.

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    • Dave Moir on 3rd October 2013 at 12:12
    • Reply

    I’m doing even better this year than I did when I set the handicaps myself !!

    • Apples on 3rd October 2013 at 20:56
    • Reply

    Don’t worry I’ll make sure that doesn’t last

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