2013/14 TBH Winter Grand Prix: Race 1 Results

The 2013/14 Winter Grand Prix got off to a flying start as Marc Fenwick flew around the 5k quayside route to post a new course record of 15:44.

And hopes of a record turn-out exceeded all expectations as final runner, Paul Brown, crossed the finishing line in 104th position.

With such a huge turn-out, including several runners who turned up unexpectedly asking if they could compete, trying to guess the identity of first past the finishing line proved to be a challenge in itself.

Could DD2 repeat his great performance in the final race of the Summer Series?

Did Kev Jeffress have anything left in his legs following superb runs in the Great North Run and Northern Road Relays?

But as it turned out, following a few weeks taking things easy due to injury  – and eating plenty of cake as part of his recovery process (his words not mine – DD) – Marc Fenwick returned to action in spectacular fashion, knocking two seconds off the previous course record.

For the ladies, Sophie Marr was first over line in a time of 20:04, with Becky Harrison and Heather Robinson (guest runner) finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.

But just as pleasing as attracting a record attendance was the performance by several of the competitors.  Many made light work of the blustery conditions along the quayside and posted Personal Bests.

Congratulations to everyone who ran a PB.

Special thanks to all the members who volunteered as marshals and to the organising team for ensuring the event went off without incident.


Race results.


1Marc Fenwick15:44
2Kevin Jeffress16:26
3Sparrow Morley16:30
4Tony Carter16:31
5Kurt Heron16:32
6Darryl Davison16:39
7Keith Smith16:42
8Antony Bagley16:49
9Jack Neeson16:53
10James Dunce17:03
11Dave Johnson17:15
12Dave Beech17:17
13Dave Moir17:24
14Andrew Dougal17:29
15Louis Goffe17:48
16Ally Polding17:49
17Ross Anderson17:51
18Chris Graham17:53
19Ian Jackman17:54
20Chris Small17:56
21Ian Laidler18:19
22Rob Wishart18:33
23Andy Harrison18:37
24Andy Smythe18:45
26John Tollit19:01
27Jon Moss19:03
28Steven Barker19:06
29James Robson19:06
30Mal Gibson19:08
31Dave Antill19:09
32Michael Edgar19:13
33Rob Kirtley19:26
34Nick Varley19:35
35Keith Rooney19:42
36David Colpitts19:50
37Alasdair Blain19:51
38Sophie Marr20:04
39Jonathon Frith20:06
40Alan Wallace20:09
41Steve Shotton20:10
42Becky Harrison20:15
43John Pickering20:17
44Graeme Mitchinson20:18
45Heather Robinson20:22
46Phil Scott20:27
47Adrian Brooks20:38
48Geoff Robinson20:39
49Cai Chi21:20
50Raj Niair21:20
51Edwin Wong21:23
52Mike Parker21:30
53Colin Dilks21:47
54Tom Hanson21:50
55Henrik Aicher21:55
56Sara Tommassini22:04
57Steve Allerdyce22:05
58Pip Nichol22:11
59Chris Smith22:11
60Will Kerr22:43
61Lyndsay Walsh22:45
62Aimee Cook22:55
63Asari Rashid22:57
64Rachel Adamson23:01
65Laura Conner23:04
66Anji Rippon23:05
67Adam Wood23:07
68Julie Shaw23:11
69Michael Gibbs23:13
70Michael Nemeth23:17
71Annette Kelly23:17
72Lizzy Clamp23:26
73John Blake23:28
74Stephen Hall23:29
75Joel Tepace23:44
76Vicki Thompson23:45
77Clare Miller-Grossett23:51
78Will Johnson23:52
79Nicola Brady23:54
80Kerry Neill23:57
81Joy Fenwick23:59
82Anja McCarthy24:03
83Jo Wood24:07
84Vicky Cuthbertson24:20
85Gareth Atkinson25:11
86Ann Grenfell25:21
87Margaret Finn25:45
88Sandy Anderson25:51
89Stephanie Mcfarlane25:55
90Emma Brooks26:40
91Anna Brough26:41
92Kelly Phillipson27:42
93Alison Habebi27:57
94Jessica Anderson28:04
95Micky Duff28:09
96Penny Wilmott29:16
97Elizabeth Severs29:20
98Evon Hubner29:21
99Alison Bulman29:34
100Andrea Hayden29:55
101Gary Harland29:55
102Amy Hussey30:59
103Evelyn Maholam32:14
104Paul Brown38:59

If you notice an error with your position/time/name, please leave a comment below and it will be rectified soon as.

Race results can also be found on the Runbritain website.


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    • Andy Smythe on 1st October 2013 at 23:20
    • Reply

    pos 24 – it’s Andy Smythe (posh for smith….!)

    • RobW on 1st October 2013 at 23:28
    • Reply

    My fastest 5k this year, happy days. Well done on getting results up and for another slick operation from the Grand Prix team.

  1. Position 51 Edwin Wong, cheers for a great run

    • Alasdair Blain on 2nd October 2013 at 07:44
    • Reply

    Position 37 is Alasdair Blain, Thanks.

  2. My best 5k by nearly 2 mins thanks.

    • joel tepace on 2nd October 2013 at 14:41
    • Reply

    position 75 is Joel Tepace please. Thanks.

    • Steph McFarlane on 2nd October 2013 at 19:43
    • Reply

    Pos 89 – i’m McFarlane rather that Macfarlane :-)

      • Steph McFarlane on 2nd October 2013 at 19:44
      • Reply

      I was wondering why my time hasn’t appeared on PoT but I guess that might be why! :-)

    • Apples on 3rd October 2013 at 07:56
    • Reply

    Steph, I’ve asked PO10 and Run Britain to update the records. They are usually pretty quick at doing this sort of stuff. Sorry for the mix up.

    • Apples on 3rd October 2013 at 08:35
    • Reply

    Steph, PO10 have now updated the records. Congratulations on the PB!

    • Steph McFarlane on 3rd October 2013 at 13:00
    • Reply

    That was quick! Thanks :-)

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