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Book Review: Why We Run, by Robin Harvie

Why We Run: A Story of Obsession Robin Harvie John Murray, £8.99 We’re all a little obsessed. Some more than others, of course—a quick look around any running club will tell you that (naming no names!). For Robin Harvie, the obsession was running the

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Book Review: Eat and Run, Scott Jurek

Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness Scott Jurek (with Steve Friedman) Bloomsbury, £12.99 If you’re ever in doubt what a book’s going to be like, turn straight to the index. A: Activate Isolate Stretching Technique; addiction to running; addicts, recovering as ultramarathoners; aid stations. H: hamstrings, Hardrock 100, heat. V: vegan diet; …

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