TBH Results Round-up: November 2023

A round-up of results featuring TBH members.

Please get in touch if you would like a result and/or Personal Best (PB) highlighted on the page.

Brampton to Carlisle 10M Road Race: Sunday 19th November

T Lawrence 58.14

Alasdair Blain 60.33

Kathryn Stevenson 62.56 FV50 Club Record :good:

Rebecca Blain 64.40 PB :thumbsup:

Steven Kettle 64.55 PB :thumbsup:

Alison Dargie 66.07

Rob Dawes 70.55

Graeme Carr 71.12

Neil Thompson 72.52

Emily Vasey 73.03 PB :thumbsup:

Louise Lennox 73.04

Peter Coyle 75.31 PB :thumbsup:

Ria Harrison 76.07

Joseph Taylor 79.56 PB :thumbsup:

Amie O’Halloran 80.29 PB :thumbsup:

Georgina Brooke 80.38 PB :thumbsup:

Paul Colver 81.13 PB :thumbsup:

Hannah Stewart 81.59

Heather Dorman 82.01

Alba Gadeau Cordoba 82.08

Jennyfer Ricci 82.23 PB :thumbsup:

Jacob Turner 83.33

Chris Parkin 84.28

Gill Parkin 85.10

Alex Antonopoulos 85.21

Nicole Pickles 85.51

Justine Carrion-Weiss 86.11 PB :thumbsup:

Ria Knox 90.21

Michael Nemeth 94.02

Karen Nicholson 94.35

Full results can be found here

Slaley Hall & Forest Trail Runs: Sunday 19th November

Michelle Ankers 1:09.44 (10K distance)

Alexandra Battersby 2:02.07 (Half Marathon)

Amy Rivington 2:04.01 (Half Marathon)

Full results can be found here and here

Heaton Harriers Memorial 10K: Sunday 12th November

NameNet TimeGenderCategoryCat PosOther
Michael Hedley00:31:48MaleV352PB :thumbsup:
Sam Stow00:37:23MaleSenior29
Richard Tailford00:38:01MaleV602
Kathryn Stevenson00:38:04FemaleV501
Cyril Bourgenot00:40:19MaleV4514
Rachel Turnbull00:41:34FemaleV355
Anthony Tait00:41:41MaleSenior49PB :thumbsup:
Neil Clarkson00:42:05MaleV607
Emily Vasey00:43:05FemaleSenior9PB :thumbsup:
Heather Dorman00:43:14FemaleV506
Teddy Brock00:43:35MaleSenior53
Shaun Roberts00:44:23MaleV4523
Joseph Taylor00:45:01MaleSenior61PB :thumbsup:
Alison Ennis00:45:07FemaleV509PB :thumbsup:
Georgia Wilding00:45:10FemaleSenior15
Scott Underhill00:45:56MaleSenior63
Kayoung Goffe00:47:10FemaleV4014PB :thumbsup:
Alexandra Battersby00:47:45FemaleV4016
James Prescott00:49:34MaleV6014
Guy Cowen-Hutton00:51:00MaleSenior67
Michael Higgins00:54:14MaleV704
Marie Bell00:56:00FemaleV4516
Claire Wynarczyk01:10:41FemaleSenior45
Full results can be found here

Wooler Trail Half Marathon: Sunday 5th November

Tom Robertson 2:08.35

Ryan Dick 2:37.28

Emily Hill 2:46.08

Adam Scott-Jones 2:56.35

Alexandra Battersby 2:56.37

Laura Braunholtz 3:09.39

Full results can be found here

TCS New York City Marathon: Sunday 5th November

Ian Pickett 2:57.12

Hannah Stewart 3:11.33 PB :thumbsup:

Rachael Perowne 3:28.14

Full results can be found here

Gibside Fruit Bowl 7: Sunday 5th November

Fraser Bigg 49.31 2nd U20 :good:

Victoria Michla 1:06.41

Full results can be found here

South Shields Monthly Mile: Wednesday 1st November

Sparrow Morley 4.43

Freddie Palmer 4.51

Sam Wood 4.58 PB :thumbsup:

Fraser Bigg 5.01 PB :thumbsup:

Laurentiu Craciunas 5.36 PB :thumbsup:

Anthony Tait 5.36 PB :thumbsup:

Stephen Kettle 5.36 PB :thumbsup:

Kathryn Stevenson 5.44 FV50 Club Record :good:

Ruby Ditchburn 6.18 PB :thumbsup:

Charlie Kilgour 6.20 PB :thumbsup:

Melina Bourgenot-Lewis 6.28 PB :thumbsup:

Nikolaos Zdoukopoulos 6.36 PB :thumbsup:

Adeline Bourgenot-Lewis 7.07

Full results can be found here

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