NEHL 2022 – 2023: Aykley Heads

Well done to everyone who represented the club at the latest North Eastern Harrier League fixture at Aykley Heads (Saturday 26th November 2022).

A big turnout from both the lasses and the lads saw the women finish top of the pile for the 2nd fixture running and the men a solid 4th.

Senior Women results

PositionNameRace TimeActual Time
8Rebecca Blain31:34:0031:34:00
11Amy Fuller32:10:0026:55:00
15Anna Oswald33:18:0030:53:00
19Sophie Marr33:33:0031:08:00
51Rachel Turnbull35:09:0032:44:00
52Jessica Graham35:10:0035:10:00
53Annette Kelly35:10:0035:10:00
69Amy Johnson35:19:0032:54:00
107Rachael Perowne35:51:0033:26:00
127Alison Ennis36:16:0036:16:00
152Carly Ann Nixon36:44:0034:19:00
161Heather Dorman36:57:0034:32:00
173Nicole Pickles37:10:0037:10:00
188Georgia Wilding37:20:0034:55:00
190Heather Allaway37:21:0034:56:00
200Marloes Peeters37:27:0035:02:00
211Hannah Stewart37:43:0032:28:00
270Gemma Finnie39:35:0039:35:00
271Lucy Dunbar39:35:0039:35:00
273Kirsteen Kilgour39:40:0039:40:00
280Gillian Dodson39:55:0039:55:00
281Claire Norman39:57:0039:57:00
291Amy Hume40:19:0037:54:00
301Ria Knox40:41:0040:41:00
328Helen Bell42:05:0042:05:00
330Claire Whitelaw42:12:0042:12:00
362Sandy Anderson44:30:0044:30:00
401Vicki Deritis49:22:0049:22:00

Senior Men results

PositionNameRace TimeActual Time
25Michael Hedley41:39:0036:24:00
34Tom Charlton42:32:0037:17:00
69William Bowers43:28:0038:13:00
85David Moir43:47:0043:47:00
93Kevin Richardson43:54:0041:19:00
109Chris Stockdale44:21:0039:06:00
144Andy Harrison45:03:0045:03:00
148Adrian Hall45:05:0045:05:00
168Tyler Helmuth45:27:0042:52:00
193Louis Goffe45:58:0045:58:00
238Alasdair Blain46:55:0044:20:00
263Arthur Vane47:29:0047:29:00
303Neil Clarkson48:42:0048:42:00
312Lucas Riley48:59:0048:59:00
319Laurentiu Craciunas49:13:0049:13:00
329John Tollitt49:23:0049:23:00
342Stephen Kettle49:44:0049:44:00
365Nicholas Howell50:39:0050:39:00
373Rob Dawes50:58:0050:58:00
424Angelo Gabriele53:39:0053:39:00
432Michael Nemeth54:10:0054:10:00
467Jack Wilde56:53:0056:53:00
485Paul Colver58:13:0058:13:00
494Anthony Tait58:56:0058:56:00

A full set of event results can be found here and the current league tables here.

The next Harrier League fixture takes place at Thornley Hall Farm, Peterlee, on February 11th 2023.

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