TBH Results: August 2022

A round-up of results featuring TBH members (updated 27 Aug 2022)

Please leave a comment below if your result is missing or you ran a Personal Best (PB).

Tynedale Jelly Tea 10 mile race: Sun 21 August 2022

NameChip time
Richard Tailford01:03:091st V60 :thumbsup:
Zoe Thompson01:11:13
Hannah Stewart01:12:26
Chris Sumsion01:16:03
Peter Coyle01:19:18
Adam Scott – Jones01:19:50
Alexandra Battersby01:19:54
Thomas Gray01:19:46
Claire Norman01:21:06PB :thumbsup:
Steven Keay01:22:30
Jennyfer Ricci01:23:46
Deborah Morrison01:24:30
Angelo Gabriele01:27:36
Georgina Brooke01:27:38
Laura Gabriele01:28:20PB :thumbsup:
Kerry Reed01:29:23
Anthony Tait01:29:54
Julie Killick01:31:39
Neil Alderson01:31:55
Hayley Andrews01:34:03
Claire Wynarczyk02:08:34
Full results available here.

Isle of Man Marathon

Alex Battersby 3:52:25 :thumbsup: 2nd Female and 1st V40

South Shields Branches and Bays 10k: Sun 14 Aug 2022

Michael Nemeth 1:30:33

Michelle Nemeth 1:30:33

Full results can be found here.

Stamfordham 10k: Wed 10 August 2022

NameChip time
Chris Parkin00:49:432nd MV55 :thumbsup:
Gillian Parkin00:53:161st FV55 :thumbsup:

Gateshead Trail 10k: Sat 13 Aug 2022

NameChip Time
Paul Turnbull00:37:102nd V40 :thumbsup:
Lyndsey Thompson00:42:311st V40 :thumbsup:
Rachel Gill00:44:34
Jonathan Longrigg00:47:58
Michael Nemeth00:51:49
Anthony Tait00:53:27PB :thumbsup:
Neil Alderson00:53:51
Glen Logan00:55:53
Hayley Andrews00:56:52
Katie Gallagher00:58:41
Ria Knox00:59:55
Vicky Mcclurey01:05:11
Jen Patterson01:08:30
Catherine Williams01:10:21
Michelle Nemeth01:10:39
Kevin Mcclurey01:16:02
Full results can be found here.

South Shields 10 mile

Chris Sumsion 80.18

Thomas Gray 80.54

Deborah Morrison 85.47

Anthony Young 88.32

Victoria Atherton 97.23

Julie Killick 98.48

Full results can be found here.

York 10k: Sunday 7 Aug 2022

Katie Gallagher 57:11

Full results can be found here.

Isaac’s Tea Trail Ultra (38 miles): Saturday 6 Aug 2022

Laura Braunholtz 7:16:13 :thumbsup: 1st lady and 8th overall

Tom Robertson 7:45:11

John Tolitt 8:38:57

Matt Walker 8:45:35

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