TBH Results : November 2021

A roundup of results featuring TBH members. (updated 24th November 2021)

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Brampton to Carlisle 10 Mile Road Race

Tom Charlton 54:04

Sparrow Morley 55:24

David Wright 57:35 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

William Bowers 58:25 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Richard Tailford 61:32

Alasdair Blain 61:32

Kathryn Stevenson 61:33 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Neil Eyes 62:09 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Mikey Tindale 65:29 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Hannah Stewart 68:49 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Adrian Hall 69:18 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

John Tollitt 70:08

Graeme Carr 71:05 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Ria Harrison 71:29

Richard Taylor 74:49 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Amy Hume 75:07 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Steven Sibbald 75:08 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Alexandra Battersby 75:10 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Sarah Hamblin 75:21 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Stephen Kettle 75:27 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Chris Sumsion 75:58

Shaun Cowan 77:14 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Mairi Clancy 77:39

Chris Parkin 78:16

Lucy Matheson 78:34

Neil Alderson 78:44 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Yamuna Thiru 80:00

Georgina Brooke 82:54 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Gill Parkin 88:16

Andrew Norton 88:34 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Ria Knox 89:22

Caroline Meaney 92:55 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Alex Antonopolous 93:06 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Alexander Anderson 94:27

Jessica Anderson 95:30 :thumbsup: PB :thumbsup:

Michelle Nemeth 1:49:13

Michael Nemeth 1:49:14

Heaton Harriers Memorial 10k: Sunday 14th November (Short course :sad:)

Michael Hedley 31:27

Tom Charlton 32:11

Sparrow Morley 33:26

Ryan Holt 34:07

Andrew Keers 36:39

Richard Tailford 36:51

Neil Eyes 37:16

Kathryn Stevenson 37:21

Andrew Chiu 38:37

Fraser Bigg 39:14

James Stewart 39:45

John Tollitt 40:49

Nicole McIntyre 40:55

Graeme Carr 42:02

Neil Clarkson 42:23

Laura Braunholtz 42:29

Amy Johnson 43:18

Sarah Hamblin 44:47

Marloes Peeters 46:21

Neil Alderson 46:28

Claire Norman 46:28

Chris Parkin 47:14

Alison Ennis 47:15

Alexander Anderson 52:52

Jessica Anderson 54:14

Hamsterley Remembrance Day 5 Miles: Sunday 14th November

Paul O’Mara 31.02 (1st place)

Lucie Glanville 1:03.25

Full results can be viewed here

Slaley Hall Trail Race Half Marathon: Sunday 14th November

Simon Pryde 1:43.26

Chris Sumsion 2:03.10

Full results can be viewed here

Slaley Hall Trail Race 10K: Sunday 14th November

Adrian Hall 44.00

Ria Knox 1:01.24

Fiona Gilchrist 1:03.17

Katie Gallagher 1:16.46

Full results can be viewed here

Lakeland Trails Ullswater 10K: Sunday 7th November

Alexandra Battersby 1:09.19

Full results can be viewed here

Newcastle Town Moor Marathon: Sunday 7th November

Paul Broadhead 4:02.06

Alan Macaulay 4:30.56 (1st MV60)

Chris Desborough 5:28.26

Full results can be viewed here

Middlesbrough 10k : Sunday 7th November

Georgia Wilding 45.59

full results can be viewed here

Derwentwater 10 Mile: Sunday 7th November

Alexandra Hutton 1:17.33

Full results can be viewed here

MoRun Newcastle 10k : Saturday 6th November

Sparrow Morley 35.49 (1st place)

Full results can be viewed here

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    • Claire Wynarczyk on 14th November 2021 at 19:11
    • Reply

    Not sure why Kate Fishers result has been included under Tyne bridge for slayley hall 10k (she’s not in Tyne bridge but I transferred my place)

    • David Wright on 26th November 2021 at 19:26
    • Reply

    You have my Brampton time wrong it reads 57:55, It should be 57:35. At my age every second counts (hahaha)

    1. Hiya, I’ve corrected this now. Sorry about that!

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