Parkrun round-up: 21st August 2021

The latest parkrun consolidated club report can be viewed here


This week’s noteworthy achievements are;


Zak KettleTown Moor 18.26 PB
Helen BellTown Moor50th Parkrun
Helen AshburnerWhitley Bay1st Parkrun
Adrian HallMedina I.O.W19.38 PB
Richard TailfordRedcar84.80% Age Grading (18.45 time)
Julie KillickSouth Shields26.50 PB
PJ HedleyRising Sun21.22 PB
Chris RobsonRising Sun23.36 PB
Roger HeathRising Sun25.48 PB
Louise LennoxHeslington80.69% Age Grading (20.17 time)
Emma PetersTooting Common21.57 PB
John HurseThe Pastures21.35 PB
Tony BainesBlyth Links20.38 PB
Sara JamesJesmond Dene31.45 PB
John TollittCarlisle Park300th Parkun
Laney FitzpatrickMount StuartFirst member to visit parkrun venue
Emily & George StainsbyThe Old ShowfieldFirst members to visit parkrun venue
Rachel & DanUpton HouseFirst members to visit parkrun venue
(note: parkrun PB’s are event specific)

The TBH at Parkrun map is currently being given a make-over and will re-appear soon.

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