TBH 5K Time Trial: 17th October 2020

The latest TT event saw 28 members and 1 guest runner complete the 5k distance around the town moor.

And in spite of the inclement weather and early start, a plethora of good times were posted on the day.  

Well done to everyone who took part in the race and many thanks to all the volunteers who helped the event pass by smoothly (Micky Baker, Fiona Gilchrist, Roger Heath, Tove Elander, Matt Pearson, Claire Wynarczyk, Lucy Matheson, Morag Kerry, Marloes Peeters and Michelle Nemeth).


NameFinish Time
Adrian Hall00:19:15
Alba Gadeua00:23:59
Alison Ennis00:24:34
Annette Kelly00:23:48
Caroline Meaney00:26:46
Claire Norman00:22:19
Dave Young00:22:15
Emma Moir00:28:50
Isabel Dixon00:24:25
Jamie Wilson00:20:11
Jen Ricci00:24:16
Jessica Anderson00:26:51
john hindmarch00:27:01
John Tollitt00:21:27
Joseph Taylor00:21:58
Justin Heath (guest)00:21:43
Keith Graham00:25:12
Kerry Reed00:25:51
Kevin Sorlie00:20:41
Lindsey Letts00:28:00
Liz Clegg00:25:58
Louise Gibson00:24:52 (Unofficial 5K PB :thumbsup: )
Lucy Dunbar00:23:49
Michael Nemeth00:24:07
Phoebe Lenderyou00:24:13
Sandy Anderson00:25:00
Sarah Hamblin00:23:54
Steve Kettle00:21:44
Victoria Douglass00:27:42


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