TBH 5K Time Trial: 1st September 2020

Although virtual runs and group training sessions have been a godsend to members during the past few months, there’s nothing quite like a little competition to get the juices flowing. So with the safety of runners and volunteers paramount in it’s thoughts, the club organised a 5K Time Trial around Newcastle Town Moor and were rewarded with some fabulous performances, with several members posting (unofficial) Personal Bests for the distance. 

The time trial, like all other club events, couldn’t have taken place without the support of volunteers, so many thanks to the following members;

Micky Baker, Ian Pickett, Karen Walker, Rachel McCracken, Claire Norman, Helen Blades, Matt Pearson, Sandy Anderson, DD, Jessica Anderson, Fiona Gilchrist, Dan Buckley, Jake Parker and Parkerman!   


5K Times

NameFinal Time
Chris Stockdale0:17:53
Mick Bell0:19:49
Jonny Longrigg0:20:00
Louise Lennox0:20:13
Lucy Turzynski0:20:16
Neil Thompson0:20:47
John Tollitt0:20:51
Hannah stewart0:20:55PB :thumbsup:
Joseph Taylor0:20:59
Jack Shotton0:20:59
Peter Soward0:21:20
Charlotte Redhead0:21:33
Conrad Scott0:21:34
David Curran0:21:38
James Beattie0:21:38
Nicole McIntyre0:21:44PB :thumbsup:
Heather Dorman0:21:53
Fraser Bigg0:21:55
Lucy Matheson0:21:58
Graham King0:22:15
Chris Sumsion0:22:23
David Young0:22:23
Chris Parkin0:22:27
Marloes Peeters0:22:27
Ashleigh Soward0:22:37
Paul Colver0:23:12
Lucy Dunbar0:23:20
Becky Gray0:23:40
Gemma Finnie0:23:44
Paul Dorman0:24:22
Jonny Moody0:24:51
Keith Graham0:25:23
Roger Heath0:25:47PB :thumbsup:
Alex Antonopoulos0:25:57
Chantel Wilson0:26:23
Faith Willsher0:27:10
Emma Moir0:27:42
Lindsey Letts0:27:48
Katie Robins0:27:49
Jemma Carr0:27:55
Rhonda colver0:28:57
Faye Slade0:29:20

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