TBH Virtual Relay Race: St James to South Hylton

For the latest virtual club challenge, teams had to race over a distance of 55km, the equivalent of running from St James metro station to South Hylton metro station (via the coast). 

The virtual relay route

Members were arranged into teams of 11 runners, with each runner having to run a 5km leg. And to make the event more intriguing, a special guest team was invited along – the TBH Juniors. 

The junior team, consisting of 30 runners, still had to complete the 55km distance, but in shorter legs of between 1 and 2 miles.

And the winning team was…

:thumbsup: THE TBH JUNIORS :thumbsup:     


Results: 55km Virtual Relay Race

1st. The TBH Juniors (3hr 42m 21s)

2nd. Team James (4hr 14m 41s)

3rd. Team Edward (4hr 21m 20s)

4th. Team Percy (4hr 24m 45s)

Teams Emily, Gordon and Thomas encountered technical difficulties during the event (leaves on the track) and didn’t complete the full distance.


Many thanks to everyone who took part in the challenge.

Team Edward: John Tollitt, Tom Crossley, Tina Howe, Alex Antonopoulos, Lucy Miller, Rachel McMillan, Heather Dorman, Jessica Anderson, Ron Murray, Elaine Henderson and Lindsey Letts.

Team Edward (Alex, Elaine, Heather, Tina, Ron, Jessica, Vicki, John, Lindsey and Rachel)


Team Emily: Gemma Finnie, Jonny Longrigg, Chris Sumsion, Amy Hume, Amelie Ott, Gemma Lynch, Roger Heath, Charly Blackburn, Sandy Anderson and Julie Killick.

Team Emily (Amy, Chris, Gemma, Gemma, Jonny, Roger, Julie and Sandy)


Team Gordon: Mark Lyon, Joseph Taylor, Claire Norman, Karen Walker, Morag Kerry, Susan Murphy, Dan Buckley, Michael Higgins, Tove Elander and Simon Hall.

Team Gordon (Dan, Tove, Morag, Michael and Susan)


Team James: Dave Hartis, Russell Dickinson-Deane, Rachael Perowne, Lucy Turzynski, David Curran, Laney Fitzpatrick, Rachel McCracken, David Farrell-Banks, Helen Bell, Rob Kirtley, Victoria Douglass and Elaine O’Mara.

Team James (Helen, Elaine, Rachel, Rachael, Rob, Russell and Laney)


Team Percy: Andrew Keers, Neil Eyes, Paul Colver, David Cornish, Kerry Reed, Parkerman, Karen Ord, Faye Slade, Nichola Thornborough, Vicki Deritis and Rhonda Colver.

Team Percy (Andrew, Vicki, John, Faye, Karen, Paul, Kerry, Neil and Rhonda)


Team Thomas: Ryan Holt, Justin Januszewski, Iain Dalby, Cec Nichols, Jen Ricci, Sarah Rushbrooke, Claire Wynarczyk, Sara James, Kay Black and Margi Eccles.

Team Thomas: Claire, Jen, Justin, Margi, Ryan, Sara and Sarah

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    • Russell on 4th June 2020 at 15:19
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    Great event, thanks TBH!

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