TBH Time Trial Runs

This week members have been mostly doing time trials ?


Name1 Mile Time5 Miles Time
Michael Higgins00:08:1200:47:34
Lyndsey Letts00:08:1500:47:29
Joseph Taylor00:06:06
Paul O'Mara00:05:03
Jake Moir00:05:59
Claire Norman00:06:47
David Farrell-Banks00:07:2200:47:29
Dave Moir00:05:4400:30:56
Richard Taylor00:06:4200:40:58
Louise Gibson00:07:3100:42:54
Stuart Dickson00:07:5300:44:34
Shaun Roberts00:06:05
Faye Slade00:09:1900:51:35
Ron Murray00:08:1400:46:45
Karen Ord00:07:0000:40:41
Joanne Wood00:07:3700:43:43
Kev Sorlie00:06:13
Cec Nichols00:07:11
Elaine Henderson00:10:0700:55:23
Kevin McClurey00:09:2200:50:06
Mark Lyon00:05:46
Isabel Clough00:07:3700:45:03
Matt Pearson00:07:38
Chantel Wilson00:07:5000:45:56
Claire Wynarczyk00:10:5000:56:26
Graeme Carr00:06:3700:35:53
Ryan Holt00:05:4900:29:02
Ashleigh Soward00:06:25
David Curran00:07:01
David Cornish00:06:4600:40:22
Adam Scott-Jones00:06:3200:37:51
Alex Antonopoulos00:07:4700:43:44
Amelie Ott00:08:2000:46:44
Tony Carter00:05:37
Mick Bell00:06:0700:33:23
Iain Dalby00:06:2300:40:29
Jamie Lee00:12:00
Matt Smith00:05:57
Dave Hartis00:05:51
John Tollitt00:06:0700:33:55
Vicki Deritis00:09:3600:52:12
Gemma Finnie00:07:4500:44:35
Sandy Anderson00:07:4300:45:12
Michael Nemeth00:07:04
Jamie Wilson00:06:0400:34:12
Helen Bell00:08:1900:45:29
Andrew Keers00:05:35
Tina Howe00:06:2800:38:32
Isabel Dixon00:07:19
Laney Fitzpatrick00:07:5100:45:49
Jessica Anderson00:08:46
Marc Marshall00:05:4400:32:47
Karen Walker00:07:5100:43:06
Alison Bulman00:08:14
Kerry Reed00:07:5400:43:40
Neil Thompson00:06:0700:34:57
Adrian Hall00:06:0000:35:07
Alba Gadeua00:07:0700:39:43
Mike Robinson00:05:4100:32:41
Tony Baines00:07:1800:42:15
Victoria Douglass00:08:32
Susan Murphy00:07:07
Nicola Bairstow00:08:3400:49:02
Carol Summerside00:08:4400:46:25
Morag Kerry00:07:5500:46:12
Laura Carrick00:07:13
Emily Douglas00:07:20
Ian Pickett00:05:2800:29:14
Rachel Gill00:06:2900:37:09
Janet Robinson00:07:47
Fiona Gilchrist00:07:5600:44:24
Hope Moir00:07:03
Roger Heath00:44:56
Neil Eyes00:05:2600:30:59
Ben Rea00:05:36
Lucy Turzynski00:06:07
John Hindmarch00:08:00
Rachel McCracken00:07:59


Thanks to everyone who took part in the trials and submitted their times.

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    • John hindmarch on 16th May 2020 at 10:44
    • Reply

    I don’t appear on the list submitted time Tuesday 1-01 mile 08-00 cheers John H

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