2019-2020 NEHL Grand Prix

Just when you thought it was safe to step back in the mud.


Yes folks, the NEHL Grand Prix is back for another season. 

For those new to the club, (and members who can’t remember the rules from last year’s competition), the NEHL Grand Prix is an internal club competition for members who represent TBH during the cross-country season. 

Following each fixture, members are awarded points on participation and their finishing position.

So it really is a win-win situation by taking part and finishing a race.

A handicap points scoring system is used to calculate the points, ensuring all members – from Group 1 to Group 5 – have an equal chance of winning the competition; so the more races you compete in, the greater odds of winning the NEHL GP.

Bonus points are also awarded to;

the male & female member deemed to have performed best during a race (judged by the club captains),

members finishing as club counters in a race (6 for men, 4 for women),

members who complete all cross-country fixtures throughout the season.


After two events, the latest points tables can be viewed below.


NameWrekentonAykley HeadsTotal
Alison Dargie110115225
Emily Vasey60160*220
Emma Peters80130210
Hannah Stewart12075195
Rachel Gill50140190
Charlotte Carpenter50105155
Mairi Clancy5075125
Sophie Marr4075115
Lysanne Jurriansen4070110
Laura Carrick3070100
Georgia Wilding256085
Justine Carrion - Weiss256085
Rachael Perowne8585
Catherine Eaton8080
Heather Dorman8080
Megan Parkin80*80
Sarah Wharton8080
Annette Kelly7070
Gemma Finnie7070
Lisa Walker205070
Claire Wynarczyk204565
Claire Norman6060
Marloes Peeters6060
Rachel Attley6060
Elaine O'mara5050
Kathryn Stevenson5050
Lyndsey Thompson5050
Rebecca Parkin5050
Lucy Dunbar3535
Emma Moir2020
Kerry Reed2020
Min Na Eii2020

(* indicates performer of the day)



NameWrekentonAykley HeadsTotal
Tony Carter70140210
Marc Fenwick100105205
Ryan Holt170*170
Alex Black70100170
Adrian Hall7575150
Alistair Maxwell7575150
Michael Hedley145*145
Chris Stockdale6070130
Christopher Meek130130
David Moir6070130
Keith Smith130130
Tom Charlton115115
Graeme Carr5060110
Terry Scott105105
Tom Crossley100100
Paul Turnbull9595
Tim Kelso8080
Andy Chiu7070
Connor Braithwaite7070
Paul Colver304070
Sparrow JR Morley7070
William Alister Houghton7070
Alasdair Blain6060
Dave Wright6060
Ian Pickett6060
John Tollitt6060
Jon Bateman6060
Paul O'Mara6060
Steve Attley6060
Tom Elmer6060
Neil Thompson5050
Rob Wishart4040
Tony Baines4040
Arthur Vane3535
Neal Richardson3535
David Cornish2020
Michael Nemeth2020
Simon Kirkley2020

(* indicates performer of the day)


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