2017-2018 Winter Grand Prix Series: Race 1 Results

Tyne Bridge Harriers 5K Winter Grand Prix Series: Race 1

Tuesday, 10th October 2017

[updated 12th October 2017]


After realising the previous 5K course was short by a few metres, the club had hoped to use a new, accurately measured course for the 2017-2018 season, but due to renovation work taking place on Newcastle Guildhall – which was only discovered on the morning of the race – race organisers had to quickly come up with an alternative route around the affected area.

Happily, despite running over a stretch of cobblestones in *darkness, all the runners safely negotiated the revised section and there were 79 satisfied finishers at the end of the race.

(*unfortunately, it didn’t become apparent there was no lighting in that section of the course until a short time before the start of the race, and the club hopes it didn’t spoil the event for competitors


First over the line was James Dunce, swiftly followed by Carl Smith & Michael Hedley, 2nd & 3rd respectively.

Sophie Marr, clearly invigorated from a weekend break in sunnier climes, was first lady in the race, with Mairi Clancy 2nd and Becky Parkin 3rd.

Well done to everyone who took part in the race.

Finishers are reminded they need to retain their race number for the remainder of the season, with Race 2 taking place on Tuesday, 7th November 2017.


Finally, a huge thank you to all the volunteers. It was always going to be a baptism of fire marshalling the new course for the first time, but everyone performed admirably, especially considering the last minute change to contend with too.


Race 1 Results

Please get in touch if you notice an error with your time/name

00:15:47James Dunce
00:16:04Carl Smith
00:16:19Michael Hedley
00:17:02Sparrow Morley
00:17:09Tony Carter
00:17:21Jevan Robertson
00:18:01Jon Moss
00:18:06David Johnson
00:18:09Leodhais Macpherson
00:18:11Chris Meek
00:18:12Alex Black
00:18:21Dave Moir
00:18:36Mark Toward
00:18:43Simon Kristiansen
00:18:49George Stainsby
00:19:09Sophie Marr
00:19:11Matt Walker
00:19:17Russell Dickinson-Deane
00:19:23Dave Hartis
00:19:26Jonathan Longrigg
00:19:26John Tollitt
00:19:33Kevin Sorlie
00:19:41Matt Davison
00:19:54Tom Cullen
00:20:36Peter Sloan
00:20:51Steve Attley
00:20:57Mairi Clancy
00:21:04Becky Parkin
00:21:15Dave Young
00:21:17Rachel Adamson
00:21:17Lucy Matheson
00:21:25Graham King
00:21:30Mick Bell
00:21:34Chris Parkin
00:21:42Michelle Moat
00:21:58Neal Richardson
00:21:58Natalie Johnson
00:22:02Tina Howe
00:22:09Rachel Gill
00:22:36Nick Pearson
00:22:40Chris Mitsides
00:22:44Adam Mitchell
00:22:45Georgia Wildling
00:22:49Amelia Short
00:22:49Jonathan Watson
00:22:50Jonathan Foster
00:22:56Shaun Cowan
00:23:03Colin Dilks
00:23:08Paul Harris
00:23:23Tom Hanson
00:23:25Gill Parkin
00:23:30David Cornish
00:23:43Yvonne Storey
00:23:45Emily Vasex
00:23:45Amanda Edwards
00:23:56Howard Walker
00:24:06Karen Walker
00:24:17Colin Rogerson
00:24:25Andy Eaton
00:24:28Alex Antonopoulos
00:24:32Fiona Todd
00:24:44Kerry Reed
00:24:50Roger Loxley
00:24:52Ingrid Verhaart
00:25:31Simon Lynch
00:25:42Ian Walton
00:26:02Peter Daniels
00:26:37Joanne Wood
00:26:46Sarah Delaney
00:27:05Charlotte Stickley-Hawkins
00:27:14Jessica Anderson
00:27:48Trudi Cheetham
00:27:54Hilary Rose
00:28:21Helen Pye
00:29:17Vicky Mcgreevy
00:31:47Kevin McClurey
00:34:59Lynsey Hinshelwood
00:34:59Dena Jordan


2017-2018 TBH Winter Grand Prix Series Points

NameRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Total
James Dunce100100
Carl Smith100100
Michael Hedley100100
Sparrow Morley100100
Tony Carter100100
Jevan Robertson100100
Jon Moss100100
David Johnson100100
Leodhais MacPherson100100
Christopher Meek100100
Alex Black100100
David Moir100100
Mark Toward100100
Simon Kristiansen100100
George Stainsby100100
Sophie Marr100100
Matt Walker100100
Russell Dickinson-Deane100100
Dave Hartis100100
Jonathan Longrigg100100
John Tollitt100100
Kevin Sorlie100100
Matt Davison100100
Tom Cullen100100
Peter Sloan100100
Steve Attley100100
Mairi Clancy100100
Rebecca Parkin100100
David Young100100
Rachel Adamson100100
Lucy Matheson100100
Graham King100100
Michael Bell100100
Chris Parkin100100
Michelle Moat100100
Neal Paul Richardson100100
Natalie Johnson100100
Tina Howe100100
Rachel Gill100100
Nicholas Pearson100100
Christopher Mitsides100100
Adam Mitchell100100
Georgia Wilding100100
Amelia Short100100
Jonathan Watson100100
Jonathan Foster100100
Shaun Cowan100100
Colin Dilks100100
Paul Harris100100
Tom Hanson100100
Gill Parkin100100
David Cornish100100
Yvonne Storey100100
Emily Vasex100100
Amanda Edwards100100
Howard Walker100100
Karen Walker100100
Colin Rogerson100100
Andrew Eaton100100
Alex Antonopoulos100100
Fiona Todd100100
Kerry Reed100100
Roger Loxley100100
Ingrid Verhaart100100
Simon Lynch100100
Ian Walton100100
Peter Daniels100100
Joanne Wood100100
Sarah Delaney100100
Charlotte Stickley-Hawkins100100
Jessica Anderson100100
Trudie Cheetham100100
Hilary Rose100100
Helen Pye100100
Vicky McGreevy100100
Kevin McClurey100100
Lynsey Hinshelwood100100
Dena Jordan100100
Micky Baker*100100
Paul Hilton*100100
Vicki Deritis*100100
Louise Lennox*100100
Rob Kirtley*100100
Matthew Garfitt*100100
Craig MacDougall*100100
Rachael Estrop*100100
Kay Black*100100
Jill Anderson*100100
Rachel Attley*100100
Rory Tait*100100
Iain Dalby*100100
Craig Boggon*100100
Emily Johnston*100100
Neil Thompson*100100
Tim Hawkins*100100
Michelle Nemeth*100100
Michael Nemeth*100100
Minna Eii100100
Steve Allen*100100
Adrian Hall*100100
Helene Tyrrell*100100
Matthew Pearson*100100
David Rowe*100100
Marie Costello*100100
Alison Bulman*100100
Andy Chiu*100100
Richard Tailford*100100
Jamie Wilson*100100
Margi Eccles*100100
Sandy Anderson*100100
Sue Regan*100100
Lyndsey Thompson*100100
Davy Anderson*100100
Luke Bryant*100100
Philip Scott*100100
Emma Colbourne*100100
Gilian Smith*100100
Keith Graham*100100
Tom Fraser*100100
Michelle Blogg*100100
Laura Carrick*100100
Claire Huitson*100100
Ian Pickett*100100

(* denotes a member has volunteered during the series)


All competitors in Race 1 receive 100 points.

Points in subsequent races are allocated on finishing position;

1st place = 150 pts

2nd place = 149 pts

3rd place = 148 pts

and so..

100 points are awarded to every member who volunteers during an event.

Members who compete in two or more races must volunteer during the same series in order to compete in the following series.  


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    • Mark McNally on 28th December 2017 at 21:20
    • Reply

    Can I run as a guest (and pay required fee) at the next race on Tuesday 2 January. If so- where and when?

    1. Hi Mark, The next race takes place on Tuesday, 9th January, and you’re welcome to take part. We usually allow guest runners to run their first race free but then charge (£5) every subsequent race in the series. Further information about the race will appear on the website soon.

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