2016 TBH Summer GP: Race 5

The results from Race 5 of the Summer Series (Tuesday, 9th August 2016) can be viewed below.


Congratulations to Jo Mattu for finishing 1st in the 2 Mile handicap race :thumbsup:

As one of the first runners to set-off, Jo led from the start and held off a strong challenge from Lysanne Jurriansen and Lyndsey Thompson to finish first in her first ever Summer Grand Prix race.


Fastest run of the night went to Justin Januszewski (11m 11s), with Paul Turnbull and Jake Dorman completing the group of Sub-12 minutes runners for the 2 Mile course.

Quickest lady was Alison Dargie (12m 00s)


As always, huge thanks to everyone who took part in the event :good:


The sixth (and final) race of the series will take place on Tuesday, 6th September 2016.


Race 5 results

PositionRunnerRace TimeReal Time
1Jo Mattu00:18:3900:18:09
2Lysanne Jurriansen00:18:4500:13:45
3Lyndsey Thompson00:18:5300:13:53
4Janet Robinson00:19:0500:16:05
5Rebecca Parkin00:19:0800:13:38
6Michael Bell00:19:0900:12:39
7Rachel Adamson00:19:1200:13:12
8Stephanie Isaac00:19:1200:16:12
9Alan Macaulay00:19:1300:14:43
10John Tollitt00:19:1400:12:14
11Mike Norbury00:19:1600:12:46
12Parul Akter00:19:1900:15:49
13Asari Rashid00:19:2200:13:22
14Lucy Turzynski00:19:2300:12:53
15Rob Kirtley00:19:2600:14:26
16Iain Dalby00:19:2700:13:27
17Jill Anderson00:19:3000:18:00
18Rachel Jones00:19:3100:17:01
19Dominic McBride00:19:3300:15:03
20Jas Mattu00:19:3900:17:09
21Colin Dilks00:19:3900:14:09
22Adam Jones00:19:4000:14:10
23Justin Januszewski00:19:4100:11:11
24David Kennedy00:19:4200:14:12
25Paul Turnbull00:19:4300:11:13
26Rachel Case00:19:4400:13:44
27Emma Giles00:19:4800:15:18
28Chris Parkin00:19:4900:14:19
29Emma Colbourne00:19:5000:17:20
30Kathryn Stevenson00:19:5100:13:51
31Jake Dorman00:19:5200:11:52
32Heather Dorman00:19:5500:13:55
33Alison Dargie00:20:0000:12:00
34Stephen Hall00:20:0200:15:32
35Michael Hodgson00:20:0300:14:03
36Finlay Dorman00:20:0700:13:07
37Nicholas Howell00:20:0800:12:08
38Adrian Hall00:20:1000:12:10
39Chris Brown00:20:1100:18:11
40Paul Hilton00:20:1100:12:11
41Paul Routledge00:20:1200:12:12
42Andrew Sears00:20:1300:14:13
43Alex Antonopoulos00:20:2300:14:23
44David Appleby00:20:2500:12:25
45Tom Crossley00:20:2900:12:29
46Andrew Mellon00:20:5700:12:57
47Kay Black00:22:1100:21:41

Please leave a comment below if you notice an error with your result.


Points table after 5 events

NameRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Total
Stephanie Isaac*100121100131143595
Jill Anderson*100113100147134594
Asari Rashid*100100137101138576
Alex Antonopoulos*100134123100108565
Annette Kelly*100118113130100561
Paul Hilton*100100133116111560
Chris Parkin100106117111123557
Emma Giles100107116107124554
Ian Walton*100149100100100549
Rachel Case*10091100133125549
Adrian Hall*100100119115113547
Adam Jones*10095100120129544
Paul Routledge*100100131100110541
Catherine Eaton*100132100100100532
Iain Dalby*10097100100135532
Andrew Sears*100115100100109524
Dominic McBride128140119132519
Nick Howell*100100100100114514
David Appleby*100105100100107512
David Rowe*10085122100100507
Jas Mattu127139105131502
Sarah Danielles*100100100100100500
Vicki Deritis*100100100100100500
Parul Akter*146106100139491
Andrew Crawford*141129104100474
Finlay Dorman*100100140115455
Heather Dorman*100100134119453
Kathryn Stevenson*100100132121453
Lee Allen*100119100124443
Colin Dilks92110110130442
Steve Attley*100114127100441
Darran James*100122118100440
Catherine Isaac150148139437
Jake Dorman*100100109120429
Karen Walker*10098123100421
Alasdair Blain*109100100100409
Michael Hodgson146143116405
Louise Lennox*100103100100403
Michelle Moat*10089100114403
Davy Anderson*100100100100400
Lucy Turzynski*136100137373
John Pickering100130128358
Russell Dickinson Deane*100132118350
Claire Wynarczyk*145100100345
Paul Jones100141102343
Rachel Adamson10099144343
Rob Kirtley*100103136339
David Minks87125125337
Rachael Perowne*100137100337
Matt Davison*100135100335
Alexander Anderson*100134100334
Kirk Connor*100121113334
Nicholas Pearson*100120100320
Nick Joyce10096121317
Jamie Lee*100112100312
Charly Blackburn*100100108308
Sara Woodman100108100308
Rachael Estrop*102102100304
Kerry Reed*100100103303
Kenny Chambers*100100100300
Kevin Cheetham*100100100300
Louise Kelly*100100100300
Micky Baker*100100100300
Morag Kerry*100100100300
Simon Kirkley*100100100300
Ian Pickett*10090100290
Ryan Whitlie147143290
Craig Davison*10088100288
James Prescott150138288
Trudi Cheetham144141285
Laura Walls140144284
David Kennedy145127272
Ian Parker147117264
Lysanne Jurriansen100149249
Hannah Greening100148248
Lyndsey Thompson*100148248
Rebecca Parkin100146246
Jenny Headland*144100244
Alan Macauley*100142242
Stuart Dickson*100142242
John Tollitt*100141241
Alex Lockwood*138100238
Christopher Bartlett*136100236
Imogen Barr*133100233
David Young110120230
Justin Januszewski100128228
Jonathan Longrigg*126100226
Deborah Amis100124224
Megan Parkin100124224
Emma Moir100123223
Alison Dargie*100118218
Tom Crossley112106218
Stephen Hall100117217
Rob Savage100115215
Hannah Lambert105108213
Susanne Stephenson100112212
David Moir100111211
Paul O'Mara*111100211
Ruth Fleck104106210
Helen Ashburner*109100209
Amanda Tunmore*100100200
Becky Parkin*100100200
Cees Van Der Land*100100200
Dawn Parker*100100200
Eoghan Quigley*100100200
Gill Parkin*100100200
Ian Windsor*100100200
Jane Shearer*100100200
Jason Jobes*100100200
Kirsty Lees*100100200
Louise Gibson*100100200
Margi Eccles*100100200
Matt Walker*100100200
Micky Bell*100100200
Sara James*100100200
Scott Wilkinson*100100200
Tim Hawkins*100100200
Will Johnson*100100200
Andrew Keogan10093193
Laura Carrick*86100186
Craig MacDougal10084184
Jo Mattu150150
Jonathan Foster150150
Andy Eaton149149
Jessica Anderson149149
Ellie Gaynor148148
Janet Robinson147147
Rachel Attley146146
Eleanor Klejnow145145
Michael Bell145145
Nim Philbrick143143
Taryn Whitlie142142
Tom Connelly142142
Mike Norbury140140
Danny Fletcher139139
Ian Webster138138
Neil Banks137137
Sara Tomassini136136
David Green135135
Faye Green135135
Rachel Jones133133
Katie Markham131131
Gemma Lynch130130
Geof Ellingham129129
Marc Fenwick129129
Tom Price128128
Adrienne Bishop127127
Arnaud Albertini126126
Jane Evans126126
Paul Turnbull126126
Georgia Wilding125125
Emma Colbourne122122
Sue Regan122122
Louis Head117117
Yosef Kuperman116116
Jess Timms114114
Chris Brown112112
Kat McKay107107
Andrew Mellon105105
George Stainsby104104
Kay Black104104
Wayne Vickers102102
Amy Bell101101
Daniel Birchall101101
Aimee Cook*100100
Alan Alexander*100100
Alastair Spanner*100100
Alex Battersby*100100
Alison Harris*100100
Anna Fawcett100100
Bryan Gillingham100100
Catherine Powell*100100
Cheryl Charlton*100100
Christopher Meek100100
Craig Alderson*100100
David Anderson100100
David Antill*100100
David Speed100100
Derek Reed*100100
Edwin Wong*100100
Ellie Dowding*100100
Faye Slade*100100
Hannah Kirkham100100
Iona Howell*100100
Jayne Russell*100100
John Hurse*100100
Jonathan Powell*100100
Jonny Johnson*100100
Judith Bell*100100
Kerry Smith100100
Laura Dickson100100
Lucy Matheson*100100
Maddie Routledge100100
Mairi Clancy*100100
Mal Gibson*100100
Natalie Bennett*100100
Neil Middleton*100100
Nicola Brady*100100
Phil Scott*100100
Phil Todd100100
Rob Wishart*100100
Ron Murray*100100
Sheetal Sharma*100100
Sparrow Morley100100
Tom Charlton*100100
Tom Colquitt*100100
Tove Elander*100100
Vicky Forster*100100
Yvonne Huebner*100100
Zsofia Nemeth100100
Alison Bulman9494

(* denotes member has volunteered during the series. Member must volunteer at least once during the current series in order to compete in the next Grand Prix series of races).


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    • Jill Anderson on 9th August 2016 at 20:32
    • Reply

    Hi I have 18.01 on my watch but it has 19 minutes real time on my results? Thanks Jill Anderson

    • Heather Dorman on 9th August 2016 at 20:37
    • Reply

    Hi I had 13:55 on my watch, thanks Heather Dorman

  1. Jill & Heather, thanks for getting in touch. I’ve amended your results following Tuesday’s race.

    • Jill Anderson on 10th August 2016 at 14:14
    • Reply

    Thank you for amending my time Jill

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