Training Sessions w/c 26 October 2015

This week’s training sessions are;


Tuesday 27 October

Group 1. 10 Hills (1 minute effort)

Group 2. 10 Hills (1 minute effort)

Group 3. 10 Hills (1 minute effort)

Group 4. 10 Hills (1 minute effort)

Group 5. 10 Hills (1 minute effort)



Wednesday 28 October

TBH Juniors. No session this week (half-term).


Beginners Session. 6:30pm at East End Pool.

This session is for anyone who is completely new to running and who would like to experience the benefits and enjoyment of this leisure activity.  It will not involve speed work and will purely be about getting into the sport and experiencing the benefits of doing so with the support of a running club. Runners may then choose to progress into the Tuesday/Thursday sessions for more structured training if they wish to do so.



Thursday 29 October

Group 1. 18 x 1 minute

Group 2. 18 x 60 seconds

Group 3. 18 x 1 minute

Group 4. 18 x 1 minute

Group 5. 15 x 1 minute

Session to be ran at 98% effort.


All sessions to include warm-up and cool-down runs.


New runners are always welcome along on a club night to try out the training sessions.

There’ll be no pressure to join, no expectation to run beyond your means and you won’t be left behind to run on your own.

If you are interested in trying a training session with Tyne Bridge Harriers, please complete this form & one of our members will get back to you.


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