It is sweet and right

After narrowly losing to his son Leodhais recently, some may have thought we’d seen the last of Kenny Mac. Not a chance!

Like all great warriors, he will take defeat upon the chin and return even stronger and faster!


A few words from Kenny himself.


The words “Dulce et decorum est”
Are most apt as I digest,
defeat and boasts from my youngest son
As Highland Games he clearly won.
For twenty years I plied my trade
Amongst tardy Highlands, reputation made.
Now Leodhais is the talk of the town;
The young Pretender has taken my crown.
With mixed emotions I will fight back
but in Middle Distance soon I will not retract!
Of course I am proud he is running so fast,
It doesn’t mean I want him to kick my ass.
Careful Strategy and planning is a must
To beat old man time, uncaring and unjust !
“Bent double like beggars under sacks ”
Wildred Owens words do not calm or relax.
The only seeds of hope I do embrace;
At least I won the bloody hill race.


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