Training Sessions w/c 10th August 2015

This week’s training sessions are;


Monday 10 August

Strength and Technical Session. 6:30pm at Warwick Street Track, Sandyford.

Highly recommended for all members to improve their running form and speed endurance.



Tuesday 11 August

TBH Summer Grand Prix: Newcastle Town Moor

For race 5 of the series, we will be using the handicap system whereby competitors will be allocated a starting time based on their previous GP result (or a recent race), with slower runners setting off first followed by faster runners at pre-set intervals.

The race will start at approximately 7:00pm.

Registration will take place between 6.15 – 6.45pm at the Model Boat Club (next to the lake in Exhibition Park).

Can members please remember to bring along their race number from previous events. Runners taking part for the first time will be issued with a race number.

There are several car parks nearby, including Claremont Road NE2 4AN, Brandling Park NE2 4RU and Forsyth Road NE2 3DA. Most are free after 6.00pm and are a short walk from the museum.




The race is free to all members and runners wishing to try out a club session for the first time.

Baggage – participants and marshals may wish to leave their items in the boat hut which will be locked during the race.  Alternatively, please leave items at the FINISH area – do not leave them at the start line.

Changing – participants may use the boat hut for changing AFTER registration has closed.

Volunteering – In an effort to make things fairer for everybody at the club, members will again be asked to volunteer at least once during the current Series in order to participate in the following race series (the 2015/16 Winter Grand Prix).

Members who volunteer at an event will be awarded 100 points. If you’d like to help out during the event, please get in touch by clicking here.


 TBH Junior’s 1 Mile Time Trial.

Prior to the Grand Prix, there is a 1 mile time-trial for the TBH Juniors around the paths on the moor, with everyone starting at 6:45pm. This will allow the juniors to finish their run before the main GP begins.

Juniors need to register at the Model Boat club building between 6:20 – 6:35, and then walk a short distance to the start. If any junior would like to take part, then please contact Junior Coach David Moir by clicking here.



Wednesday 12 August

TBH Juniors. On their Summer Holidays. Sessions will resume on Wednesday, 9th September 2015.

Click here to view the TBH Juniors website.


Beginners Session. 6:30pm at East End Pool.

This session is for anyone who is completely new to running and who would like to experience the benefits and enjoyment of this leisure activity.  It will not involve speed work and will purely be about getting into the sport and experiencing the benefits of doing so with the support of a running club. Runners may then choose to progress into the Tuesday/Thursday sessions for more structured training if they wish to do so.



Thursday 13 August

Group 1. 4 long hills, 10 minutes Tempo, 4 short hills

Group 2. 4 long hills, 10 minutes Tempo, 4 short hills

Group 3. 4 long hills, 10 minutes Tempo, 4 short hills

Group 4. 4 long hills, 10 minutes Tempo, 4 short hills

Group 5. 4 long hills, 8 minutes Tempo, 4 short hills


All sessions to include warm-up and cool-down runs.



New runners are always welcome along on a club night to try out the training sessions.

There’ll be no pressure to join, no expectation to run beyond your means and you won’t be left behind to run on your own.

If you are interested in trying a training session with Tyne Bridge Harriers, please complete this form & one of our members will get back to you.



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