Results round-up: 2nd august 2015

A round-up of races featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers.


Butterwick Hamsterly Forest 10K: Sunday, 26th July 2015

41:12 Jon Moss (5th O/A)

64:59 Roger Heath

Full results can be found here.



Cock Crow 5K: Tuesday, 28th July 2015

21:24 Iain Dalby

32.34 Maggie Davison

Full results can be found here.



Wallington 10K: Wednesday, 29th July 2015

40:30 Edwin Wong

41:06 Nick Howell

51:03 Joanne Wood

52:42 Alex Battersby

58:03 Roger Heath

59:23 Clare Savoy

62:57 Rachel Griffiths

62:56 Jenny Headland

Edwin & Nick

Edwin & Nick

Full results can be found here.



Powburn Show Fell Race: Saturday, 1st August 2015

(tbc) John Tollitt

33:58 Paul Feeley

Full results to follow soon.




Total Warrior – Lakes 10K: Saturday, 1st August 2015

2:28:19 David Daniels

Full results can be found here.



Speedflex Donor 5K (Newcastle Quayside): Saturday, 1st August 2015

18:42 Edwin Wong

19:59 Jacqueline Etherington

21:02 Tyrone Murphy

21:56 Susan Chadwick

28:48 Sandy Anderson

28:49 Jessica Anderson

31:11 Joanne Lee

Full results can be found here.




York 10K: Sunday, 2nd August 2015

36:06 Paul O’Mara

36:48 Alasdair Blain PB :good:

39:18 Philip Scott :good:

39:59 Will Johnson

44:56 Paul Gibson

45:35 Nicola Brady PB :good:

47:16 David Curran

47:19 Ian Walton

48:00 Shaun Cowan

48:51 Adam Jones

48:52 Laura Dickson PB :good:

49:00 Danny Fletcher

49:00 Neil Middleton PB :good:

52:08 Laura Carrick

53:17 Victoria Forster PB :good:

54:57 Kate Frame

55:18 Emily Mavin

62:38 Sheetal Sharma

68:07 Elaine O’Mara PB :good:

TBH @ York

TBH @ York

Full results can be found here.



Clennel Trail Marathon: Sunday, 2nd August 2015

(l-r) Lysanne, Sandy, Claire, Felicity & Adrian

(l-r) Lysanne, Sandy, Claire, Felicity & Adrian

Full results to follow soon.



Drop me a line if you raced over the weekend or posted a PB – DD ;-)

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    • jacqueline etherington on 3rd August 2015 at 15:19
    • Reply

    Hi David

    A couple of us did the speedflex donor 5km on the quayside on Saturday night. Full results on results base but I’ve queried my position as I was first female (not 2nd)

    Here is the list of us who competed:

    Edwin Wong 18.42
    Jacqueline Etherington 19.59
    Tyrone Murphy 21.02
    Susan Chadwick 21.56
    Sandy Anderson 28.48
    Jess Anderson 28.49
    Joanne Lee 31.11

    Well good effort from all those that ran in a very interesting, zig zagging race ??

  1. Thanks Jacqueline, I’ve added your results to the main post. And congratulations on your 1st place :good:

      • jacqueline etherington on 4th August 2015 at 17:37
      • Reply

      Thanks David ?

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