TBH 2014/15 Winter Grand Prix : Final Results

It gives me great pleasure to announce RACHAEL ESTROP as the winner of the the 2014/15 Winter Grand Prix Series :thumbsup:


An ever present in the series, Rachael ran in four races, volunteered in the other two and accumulated a points tally of 671.

But as well as topping the final points table, Rachael also saw her 5k time come tumbling down on a monthly basis.

In the first race of the series Rachael clocked 25.40. This was followed by times of 25.25 (race 4), 24.35 (race 5) and a time of 24.19 in the final race of the series. Well done Rachael.


Overall, there were 305 participants in the series, with Race 1 attracting the largest attendance of 126 runners.


The fastest male member during the series was MARC FENWICK, who recorded a time of 15:28 in race 3, while fastest female member was JOANNE LEE, posting a time of 18.54 in race 2. (NB. Aly Dixon, running as a guest in race 6, set a new female course record of 16.49).


NameRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Total
Rachel Estrop*100100100122135114671
Imogen Barr*100130100109121106666
Sara James*10010014513782100664
Margaret Eccles*10010014113584100660
Helen Joyner*100132120100102102656
Janet Pollington*1008710014793115642
Ian Walton*10011712578118100638
Jonathan Longrigg*10010377119100128627
Alex Lockwood*10013410089100100623
Will Johnson*125139115134100613
Nicholas Hall*10010193108100100602
Vicki Deritis*100100100100100100600
Paul Hilton*100100100100100100600
Kevin Cheetham*100100100100100100600
Dave Anderson*100100100100100100600
David Daniels*10010098100100100598
Matt Davison*10010012269100100591
Colin Dilks*1001091038610091589
Stephen Hall*100588565177100585
Arnaud Albertini*1008210072108123585
Rachel Griffiths*100116100143112571
Tom Hanson1004213811110769567
Annette Kelly*100100100133133566
Keith Rooney10074929010996561
Charles Hazlerigg*100907610091104561
Craig MacDougle*100104127100127558
Alastair Spanner*100771009210682557
Lysanne Jurriansen*10056143150100549
Evelyn Maholam*1004510099100100544
Nicola Brady*56140100115119530
David Appleby*100100100124103527
Asari Rashid*10010010086141527
Nick Pearson*10010010412893525
John Day*10012210013667525
David Curran*1311101007890509
Henrik Aicher*10089116100100505
Tom Charlton*1158610096105502
Ann Grenfell*100100100100100500
Alasdair Blain*100100100100100500
Joanne Wood*10044110144100498
Stuart Dickson*10010610210083491
Elaine O'Mara*10041100877784489
Laura Carrick*1001281009070488
Jon Moss*1009810010781486
Philip Scott*100100144138482
Matt Walker*1001008498100482
Natalie Bennett*1009471100111476
John Tollitt*1007110082120473
Tom Colquitt*1008610083100469
Louise Lennox*100859610083464
David Moir*10010010061100461
Joel Tepace*1001009110066457
Lee Allen1004811180116455
Luke Bryant*100936495100452
Chris Chase*1006674100112452
Lucy Matheson*1006982100100451
Faye Slade*1005710011775449
Adrian Hall*81130100137448
Jane Shearer*100146100100446
John Goldsbrough*10051145147443
Charlie Townsend10012481138443
Yvonne Storey*100101100140441
Adrian Brooks*10013285123440
Magda Grinsdale10010513197433
Lauren Gardner*521311008862433
Gill Parkin*10014210089431
Rachel Adamson10079119131429
Alison Bulman*100627689100427
Chris Parkin*10012412871423
Nick Vennart*64133100121418
Derek Vardy*11994100100413
Stephen Drummond10012013458412
Andrew Keogan100537281103409
Karen Richardson133133143409
Amanda Tunmore*1004610010059405
Alexandra Battersby*10010012085405
Morag Kerry*14110060100401
Jessica Anderson*10013961100400
Alan Alexander10010977114400
Thomas Vardy*100100100100400
Paul O'Mara*100686862100398
Krystal White10073101118392
Adam Jones*10012710065392
Andrew Crawford10012366102391
Rachel Clewlow*7511910094388
Ste Beer*10012610054380
Yamuna Thiru*1009710080377
Iain Dalby*1009670111377
Hannah Kirkham*7011510087372
Geoff Robinson100145127372
Edmund English*1008088100368
David Anderson*1007294100366
Vicki Thompson1004314874365
Anji Rippon149105110364
Graham King1006311288363
Ellie Charles*1008410075359
David Colpitts*10055100100355
Neil Capstick100121132353
Andrea Hayden1001305860348
Ian Pickett*7610764100347
James Knox*100100146346
Neil Banks*100144100344
Michelle Hall100137100337
Sina Panitz*100135100335
Louise Kelly*99136100335
Alison Habebi*100100135335
Paul Andrews11711899334
Steven Bond1005412355332
Sarah Lindsay Danielles*10015080330
Heather Robinson1448897329
Sandy Anderson*100100126326
Edwin Wong*1006310063326
David Dickson*121101100322
Katie Roberts*100112100312
Katie Goulding10011894312
Roger Heath81737377304
David Charlton*100102100302
Malcolm Gibson*100100100300
David Wright*100100100300
Adam Wood*100100100300
Russell Deane*10012573298
Nina Myers1009997296
Catherine Eaton*10095100295
David Frost*69100125294
Helen Hargrave65106121292
Chris Huitson*47100145292
Steve Shotton*12466100290
Michelle Bannan10087103290
John Hurse*10011178289
Becky Parkin*10010089289
Charles Casey10059127286
Jenny Logue*10010085285
Gabor Gyergyoi129146275
Michael Nemeth*10010074274
Jayne Russell*10073100273
Sarah Butler10059113272
Deborah Airey*10010070270
Rhian Davey120147267
Kate Frame*61100106267
Andy Smythe*10010067267
Stephen Barker10060105265
Sally Dennis130134264
Richard MacDonald*10010059259
Kym Eden49110100259
David Johnson1008375258
Tim Hawkins114142256
Katherine Robson113143256
Lucy Turzynski125130255
Aimee Cook141109250
Rob Curry147101248
Jacob Bartos15098248
Richard Tailford100144244
Christine Klee*143100243
Paul Feeley*100142242
Jonathan Pearson126116242
Neal Richardson*140100240
Kerry Neill100140240
Neil Middleton*100139239
Emily Mavin*100139239
Zsofia Nemeth*136100236
Chris Graham*1007957236
Sarah McMahon129104233
Marc Fenwick13796233
Emma Frost*100132232
Kelly Beattie80148228
Jen Patterson15078228
Sparrow Morley100126226
Simon Pryde95122217
Killian McCartney93122215
Cees van der Land*100114214
Scott Wilkinson*110100210
Steven Compton100108208
Kerry Reed*107100207
Vicky Cuthbertson*100100200
Sinead Coffey*100100200
Shaun Anthony Brown*100100200
Sean Kelly*100100200
Sarah Chadwick100100200
Rob Wilson92108200
Micky Baker*100100200
Matty Tomlinson*100100200
Laura Dickson*100100200
Fiona Conway*100100200
Eleanor Dowding*100100200
Danny Fletcher*100100200
Chris Sumison*100100200
Anna Brough*100100200
Alex Polding*10099199
Tim Kelso10095195
Sarah MacDougal10095195
Lee Cuthbertson12371194
Kurt Heron*10092192
Catherine Powell*10092192
John Pickering10091191
Nicola Beattie74113187
James Dunce*10084184
Ed Wainwright10083183
Barney Nikolich67113180
Emma Brooks*78100178
Tracey Coburn10067167
Amy Watson10065165
David Rowe10060160
Denise Connor9068158
Katie Jackson7972151
Elle Irons150150
Charly Blackburn*10050150
Niyc Pidgeon149149
Kathryn Stevenson149149
Emily Gallone149149
Ailsa Caine149149
Tamela Davison148148
Rose Lord148148
Kate Robson148148
Jacqueline Etherington147147
Beate Muller146146
Anton Mirafsari146146
Paul Black145145
Hayden Smedley142142
Andy Harrison142142
Mark Hall141141
Chris Cooley140140
Laura Wade138138
Claire McElduff138138
Chris Thain138138
Dale Brown137137
Stephen Langley136136
Jonty Tarbuck136136
Rachel Case135135
Joel English134134
Laura Pentland132132
Charlotte Carpenter131131
Tyrone Murphy129129
Rebecca Calvert129129
Martin Hall129129
Shaun Cowan128128
Sophie Wardrobe126126
Ashleigh Ewan124124
Joanna Taylor118118
Luke McCormack117117
Steven Medd116116
Nick Joyce114114
Tony Carter113113
Michael Gibbs112112
Joe Turner108108
Lydia Newton107107
Jason Jobes105105
Terry Scott104104
Tracey Cockburn*100100
Stephanie Mcfarlane100100
Sarah Rushbrooke100100
Santiago Martinez100100
Ross Glasgow100100
Ron Murray*100100
Robert Clark100100
Rob Wishart*100100
Richard Dixon100100
Paul Brown*100100
Nicola Blackburn100100
Nick Varley*100100
Nick Lee100100
Margaret Hagood*100100
Luke Wright*100100
Louise Hall100100
Louise Easton*100100
Lizzy Stephenson100100
Lindsay Walsh*100100
Kirk Connor100100
Kerry Smith*100100
Karen Wall*100100
Karen Walker*100100
Joy Fenwick*100100
Jonathan Powell100100
Jessica Nieurrzyla100100
Graeme Mitchinson*100100
Gemma Cowan*100100
Fiona Howarth100100
David Hartness100100
David Antill*100100
Clare Barrett100100
Beth Anderson*100100
Anthony Barrass100100
Amy Whitelaw100100
Alison Dargie*100100
Alan Wallace100100
Anna Farrell9898
Dave Harkness9797
Scott Hudspeth9191
Joanne Lee (2nd)8888
Alan McCauley8787
Declan Munnelly8686
Genine Keogh7979
Eoin Quigley7979
Paul Waller7676
Emma Moir7676
David Young7575
Paul Turnbull6868
Aly Dixon6464
Martin Smith6363
Stephen McKenzie6262
Paul Routledge6161
Laura Gower5858
Nicola Hopper5757
Leodhais MacPherson5757
Parul Akter5656

(* indicates member volunteered in series)

[table “” not found /]


As ever, huge thanks to all the members who volunteered during the series.

Competitions like the Winter Grand Prix couldn’t survive if it wasn’t for members willing to give their time and effort to help out the club.

In an attempt to share the volunteering duties around the club, the race committee implemented a new rule for this series, whereby members had to volunteer at least once during the winter series in order to take part in the following summer series. And by and large it worked out well, with some members volunteering for the very first time and actually enjoying the experience (even if it did get a bit chilly along the Quayside at times ;-) ).

So again, many thanks to all the members who helped in 2014/15.

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    • Janet Pollington on 4th March 2015 at 15:49
    • Reply

    Congratulations Rachel – well done xx

    • Annette on 4th March 2015 at 20:32
    • Reply

    Congratulations Rachel!

    • rachael estrop on 4th March 2015 at 20:58
    • Reply

    Eeee thanks guys!. All thanks to great training sessions with TBH & fab people to motivate you and to run with!

    • Si on 4th March 2015 at 22:53
    • Reply

    Fantastic effort Rachael- consistency goes a long way! Congrats BOOM :)

    • Sara on 5th March 2015 at 13:09
    • Reply

    Fantastic work Rachel – well done!

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