TBH Winter Gp: Race 6 Provisional Results

Provisional results from the final race of the Winter Series can be viewed below.


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First across the finishing line was newcomer ELLE IRONS, followed by fellow newcomer NIYC (Miss parkrun) PIDGEON, with KELLY BEATTIE completing the Top 3.


On an exceedingly chilly evening, thanks must go to the race volunteers who once again did a fantastic job ensuring the event went off safely. A brisk wind along the quayside made for stern running conditions for the 97 finishers, so hat’s off to all those who ran either a Personal Best or Season Best.


Quickest men around the measured 5k course were Kurt Heron (16.04), Tom Charlton (16.26) and Paul Turnbull (17.13).

The three quickest ladies were Aly Dixon (guest runner) with 16.49, Lydia Newton (20.24) and Kym Eden (20.30).


And the overall winner of the Winter Grand Prix?


Congratulations to RACHEL ESTROP :thumbsup:

The final points table will be published as soon as Race 6 results have been confirmed.


PositionNameRace TimeReal Time
1Elle Irons00:25:0300:25:03
2Niyc Pidgeon00:27:4500:27:45
3Kelly Beattie00:28:5000:28:50
4Rhian Davey00:29:5400:28:24
5Gabor Cyergyoi00:30:2000:24:50
6Paul Black00:30:2100:23:51
7Richard Tailford00:30:3200:20:02
8Karen Richardson00:30:3800:24:08
9Tim Hawkins00:31:0100:21:01
10Asari Rashid00:31:0400:21:04
11Yvonne Storey00:31:1000:23:40
12Philip Scott00:31:1100:19:41
13Charlie Townsend00:31:1300:19:13
14Adrian Hall00:31:1600:19:16
15Jonty Tarbuck00:31:2000:24:20
16Rachel Case00:31:2300:22:23
17Sally Dennis00:31:2500:28:55
18Annette Kelly00:31:2900:24:29
19Emma Frost00:31:3500:27:05
20Rachel Adamson00:31:3500:21:35
21Lucy Turzynski00:31:3600:22:06
22Rebecca Calvert00:31:3700:20:37
23Jonathan Longrigg00:31:3800:18:38
24Craig MacDougal00:31:4000:24:40
25Sandy Anderson00:31:4100:25:41
26David Frost00:31:4200:24:42
27Ashleigh Ewan00:31:4200:20:42
28Arnaud Albertini00:31:4300:19:43
29Simon Pryde00:31:4300:18:13
30Nick Vennart00:31:4400:19:14
31John Tollitt00:31:4600:19:16
32Nicola Brady00:31:4700:22:47
33Krystal White00:31:4700:28:47
34Luke McCormack00:31:4700:18:47
35Lee Allen00:31:4800:20:48
36Janet Pollington00:31:4800:28:18
37Rachel Estrop00:31:4900:24:19
38Nicola Beattie00:31:4900:31:49
39Rachel Griffiths00:31:5000:24:50
40Natalie Bennett00:31:5000:21:20
41Anji Rippon00:31:5100:21:51
42Aimee Cook00:31:5100:21:51
43Rob Wilson00:31:5400:21:24
44Lydia Newton00:31:5400:20:24
45Imogen Barr00:31:5500:24:55
46Tom Charlton00:31:5600:16:26
47Charles Hazlerigg00:31:5600:17:26
48David Appleby00:31:5600:18:26
49Helen Joyner00:31:5700:21:27
50Rob Curry00:31:5900:20:59
51Kym Eden00:32:0000:20:30
52Paul Andrews00:32:0100:18:31
53Jacob Bartos00:32:0100:19:31
54Heather Robinson00:32:0200:20:32
55Keith Rooney00:32:0200:19:02
56Tim Kelso00:32:0300:17:33
57Rachel Clewlow00:32:0300:22:33
58Nicholas Pearson00:32:0400:20:04
59Kurt Heron00:32:0400:16:04
60Colin Dilks00:32:0500:21:35
61David Curran00:32:0600:21:06
62Gill Parkin00:32:0600:24:06
63Graham King00:32:0700:21:07
64Alan McCauley00:32:0900:22:39
65Declan Munnelly00:32:1000:19:10
66Jenny Logue00:32:1000:21:10
67Elaine O'Mara00:32:1100:32:11
68Louise Lennox00:32:1500:20:45
69Alastair Spanner00:32:1600:17:46
70Jon Moss00:32:1700:17:47
71Yamuna Thiru00:32:1800:20:48
72Eoin Quigley00:32:2000:27:50
73Jen Patterson00:32:2100:27:51
74Roger Heath00:32:2200:27:52
75Paul Waller00:32:2400:19:24
76Faye Slade00:32:2600:26:56
77Vicki Thompson00:32:2800:22:58
78Russell Deane00:32:3300:19:33
79Katie Jackson00:32:3400:26:04
80Chris Parkin00:32:3500:22:35
81Laura Carrick00:32:3900:23:39
82Tom Hanson00:32:4100:21:41
83Paul Turnbull00:32:4300:17:13
84John Day00:32:4400:21:44
85Joel Tepace00:32:4800:21:48
86Adam Jones00:32:4900:20:49
87Aly Dixon00:32:4900:16:49
88Edwin Wong00:32:5200:19:22
89Lauren Gardner00:32:5400:26:24
90Paul Routledge00:32:5700:27:27
91Andrea Hayden00:33:0600:31:06
92Amanda Tunmore00:33:1300:28:43
93Stephen Drummond00:33:1900:23:19
94Leodhais MacPherson00:33:4200:19:42
95Parul Akter00:33:5100:28:21
96Steven Bond00:34:3100:22:31
97Ste Beer00:34:5100:27:51


Details of the 2015 TBH Summer Series, which will begin in April, will be posted on the website soon.

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    • Kenny mac on 4th March 2015 at 23:49
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    Well done all. Message to Lydia Newton, haste ye back you had a brilliant run for a newbie. Kenny

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