Sophie Marr’s Weekend

Sophie Marr let’s us in on her weekend exploits.


Saturday: 1st November
Set my alarm. Woke up before alarm. Loads of time to spare. SAB is outside. I’ve forgotten my coffee. This is an absolute must. Cees has been waiting in the cold as I didn’t look at phone. I just make the one minute delay curfew.

Get to byker – pick up Joanne and James – admire the tent poles! Get to Sage- where’s sparrow? Find Sparrow – get driving – pick up Louise from sunny Seaham.

On the road. Eye spy – we spied everything: trees, roads, cars, clouds and even a tax disc. I thought I’d offer the DJ job around – Cees takes over… Welcome Dutch rap – it was explicit! Everything is awesome.

Stop off- wetherby – reunite with our fellow car.

Back on the road. Discuss the need for an A1 adult store. Arrive in Mansfield [for English X-C Relays]. Get numbers. Do a lap of course – I fall (as expected) get a right knacking pain in the bum. Cees to the rescue with his ice spray (had previously nearly blinded me with this in the car).

Off the girls go – Joanne, Louise, me. Next up boys – Shaun, Sparrow, Cees and James. Cracking runs by all.

Beautiful course. I played my game – 0-0 to start… I won 5-1 phew!!

Joanne wanted to do some miles at 6.30 pace after we’d ran – we all accidentally ate chips, sandwiches, Chunky Kit Kat’s and drank coffee instead.

Return to car. Lots of the Pogues, and folk music. Arrive home. Thanks Shaun and James for driving. Great day out.
Sunday: 2nd November
I woke up. I ate. I drank a lot. Had a wee on the side of the road. Arrived in Keswick [for Derwentwater 10]. Drank more.

Ran around admiring some cracking views. Refused to look behind. Ran terrified from the start in fear of losing my number one spot. 200m to go I’m clear for the win. Man shouts me to catch the man in front. Catch man in front with a battle. Unable to go for the glamorous photo shot I so badly sought after (see below). Keep up the race face. Shake man’s hand at end – he’s not happy :-(

race face!!

race face!!

Celebrate with Parks and Fen. Admire the over 75’s picking up awards. Pick up my award (unreal prize). Go for lunch. Eat sweets – Spogs to be exact. Walk and admire more beautiful views.

Drive home. Sing out hearts out to some cracking karaoke classics (courtesy of our Fen the DJ)! Lose our voices in practising for the Xmas party! The end. Thanks for reading. Tada



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    • David Wright on 3rd November 2014 at 09:55
    • Reply

    Well done Sophie, excellent running and a very different race report……. short … to the point….. i liked it. Again well done !!

      • Sophie on 3rd November 2014 at 17:32
      • Reply

      Haha thanks! I was never the greatest creative writer/English student!!

  1. chunky kit-kat’s and chips, the food of champions!!

    fantastic result Sophie and a terrific time considering the undulating course :thumbsup:

      • Sophie on 3rd November 2014 at 17:34
      • Reply

      Well I didn’t eat all that by myself but it was a collective effort! Haha!!
      Thanks a lot- highly recommend the race- both of the races in fact!! Both beautiful courses- thoroughly enjoyable- albeit some lovely climbs!!! But even better views!!! Haha

    • cat on 3rd November 2014 at 17:48
    • Reply

    A most efficient use of words! Well done on a cracking weekend of racing all round!

    • Vicki on 3rd November 2014 at 22:51
    • Reply

    Well done Ms Marr on some great running and a fab race report. Sometimes less really is more.

  2. Haha, great stuff. Love this race report, Sophie!

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