TBH Winter Grand Prix: Race 2 results

Provisional results from Race 2 of the Winter Grand Prix can be viewed below.

If you notice a timing error or spelling mistake, please get in touch and I’ll amend accordingly.


On a chilly winter’s evening along the quayside, Sarah Lindsay was first over the finishing line, in a time of 27:16, closely followed by Kathryn Stevenson (27:20). Completing the first 3 places was Kate Robson (27:51). Well done ladies :thumbsup:


Quickest time of the evening went to Tom Charlton, 16:25, with Cees van der Land just one second slower. Fastest lady was Joanne Lee, posting a time of 18.54, with Magda Grinsdale 2nd quickest, in a time of 19:36.


positionnamerace timereal time
1Sarah Lindsay Danielles00:27:1600:27:16
2Kathryn Stevenson00:27:2000:23:20
3Kate Robson00:27:5100:27:51
4Jacqueline Etherington00:27:5100:21:51
5Jane Shearer00:28:1200:26:12
6Geoff Robinson00:28:1900:20:49
7Heather Robinson00:28:2600:21:26
8Christine Klee00:28:2700:22:27
9Paul Feeley00:28:3800:21:38
10Morag Kerry00:28:4300:26:43
11Neal Richardson00:29:0900:21:39
12Jessica Anderson00:29:1300:27:13
13Claire McElduff00:29:1400:21:44
14Michelle Hall00:29:2300:29:23
15Stephen Langley00:29:2600:22:56
16Sina Panitz00:29:2700:22:57
17Alex Lockwood00:29:3000:19:00
18Karen Richardson00:29:3600:25:36
19Helen Joyner00:29:4400:22:14
20David Curran00:29:5100:20:21
21Imogen Barr00:29:5200:25:52
22Martin Hall00:29:5400:21:54
23Shaun Cowan00:29:5500:21:55
24Adam Jones00:29:5500:20:25
25Jonathan Pearson00:30:0500:21:05
26Will Johnson00:30:0600:22:36
27Chris Parkin00:30:0700:22:37
28Andrew Crawford00:30:0900:20:39
29John Day00:30:1200:22:12
30David Dickson00:30:1400:19:14
31Stephen Drummond00:30:1400:22:14
32Derek Vardy00:30:2000:26:20
33Joanna Taylor00:30:2100:25:21
34Ian Walton00:30:2200:24:22
35Rachel Griffiths00:30:2500:26:25
36Tom Charlton00:30:2500:16:25
37Cees van der Land00:30:2600:16:26
38Katherine Robson00:30:2700:30:27
39Katie Roberts00:30:2900:24:29
40John Hurse00:30:2900:17:59
41Scott Wilkinson00:30:3100:26:31
42Colin Dilks00:30:3100:21:01
43Joe Turner00:30:3200:16:32
44Kerry Reed00:30:3300:23:03
45Stuart Dickson00:30:3600:21:06
46Magda Grinsdale00:30:3600:19:36
47Craig MacDougal00:30:3700:25:37
48Jonathan Longrigg00:30:3700:19:07
49David Charlton00:30:3800:26:08
50Nick Hall00:30:4000:19:40
51Joel Tepace00:30:4500:21:45
52Nina Myers00:30:4600:23:16
53Jon Moss00:30:4600:18:16
54Dave Harkness00:30:4600:20:46
55Ian Dalby00:30:4700:21:17
56Catherine Eaton00:30:5000:21:20
57Natalie Bennett00:30:5000:21:50
58Luke Bryant00:30:5000:17:20
59Catherine Powell00:30:5100:30:51
60John Pickering00:30:5200:19:52
61Charles Hazlerigg00:30:5300:17:23
62Henrik Aicher00:30:5300:21:23
63Joanne Lee (2nd)00:30:5400:18:54
64Janet Pollington00:30:5400:30:54
65Tom Colquitt00:30:5500:18:25
66Louise Lennox00:30:5500:21:25
67Ellie Charles00:30:5600:21:56
68Ed Wainwright00:30:5700:19:57
69Arnaud Albertini00:30:5800:19:58
70Roger Heath00:30:5900:26:59
71Edmund English00:31:0000:18:30
72Genine Keogh00:31:0000:31:00
73Emma Brooks00:31:0100:27:01
74Alastair Spanner00:31:0200:17:32
75Ian Pickett00:31:0400:17:34
76Rachel Clewlow00:31:0500:22:35
77Keith Rooney00:31:0600:19:06
78Jayne Russell00:31:0600:25:36
79David Anderson00:31:0600:17:36
80John Tollitt00:31:0700:19:07
81Hannah Kirkham00:31:0700:22:37
82Lucy Matheson00:31:0800:20:08
83Paul O'Mara00:31:0800:17:08
84Tracey Coburn00:31:1200:25:42
85Chris Chase00:31:1300:19:43
86Helen Hargrave00:31:1500:25:15
87Nick Vennart00:31:1600:20:16
88Edwin Wong00:31:1700:18:47
89Stephen McKenzie00:31:1700:22:17
90Kate Frame00:31:1800:25:48
91Stephen Barker00:31:1800:17:48
92Charles Casey00:31:1900:18:19
93Stephen Hall00:31:1900:23:49
94Faye Slade00:31:2000:26:50
95Nicola Brady00:31:2100:24:51
96David Colpitts00:31:2200:18:22
97Steve Bond00:31:2300:20:53
98Andy Keogan00:31:2500:20:55
99Lauren Gardner00:31:3600:26:06
100John Goldsbrough00:31:3700:20:37
101Charly Blackburn00:31:3800:27:08
102Kym Eden00:31:4200:20:42
103Lee Allan00:31:4500:21:45
104Chris Huitson00:31:4900:19:49
105Mandy Tunmore00:31:5900:27:59
106Evelyn Maholam00:32:1500:32:15
107Joanne Wood00:32:2500:25:25
108Vicki Thompson00:32:2800:24:58
109Tom Hanson00:32:2900:22:59
110Elaine O'Mara00:32:3900:32:39


As with all club events, the support of members volunteering and helping out is invaluable, none more so on a bitterly cold evening down by the river. So many thanks to everyone who got involved in Tuesday’s race.


Race 3 of the series is scheduled for Tuesday, 2nd December 2014.

If you would like to volunteer for the event, please get in touch by clicking here.

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  1. My time’s missing but I saw it recorded at the finish. Adam Jones – think my number was 721. I finished 24th behind Shaun Cowan.

    1. Thanks Adam. Hopefully all sorted.

    • john g on 5th November 2014 at 12:14
    • Reply

    Cheers to all the volunteers :)

  2. Hi Dave, sent you a message via FB about an error I spotted.

    • Apples on 5th November 2014 at 16:57
    • Reply

    Is that the bandit Alex Lockwood coming clean?

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