2014/15 Winter Grand Prix: Race 1

A set of provisional results from Race 1 of the 2014/15 Winter Series can be found below. [Please get in touch if you notice an error with your name/result].

Congratulations to Shaun Brown who completed the 5k course in a time of 16:15 :thumbsup:

Sparrow Morley (17:04) was 2nd.

Quickest female was Magda Grinsdale (20:24), narrowly beating Lucy Matheson (20:25) and Becky Parkin (20:36).

But with 126 finishers in the race, and over 30 members volunteering, everyone involved in the event should be congratulated for making it a terrific evening of racing.

namerace time
Shaun Brown00:16:15
Sparrow Morley00:17:04
K Mac00:17:05
David Johnson00:17:09
Andy Smythe00:17:17
Paul O'Mara00:17:20
David Moir00:17:22
Matty Tomlinson00:17:28
Tim Kelso00:17:30
David Wright00:17:32
Luke Bryant00:17:33
Alastair Spanner00:17:34
Charles Hazlerigg00:17:35
Stephen Barker00:17:59
Charles Casey00:18:05
David Colpitts00:18:28
Jon Moss00:18:30
Edwin Wong00:18:40
Tom Colquitt00:18:42
Ed English00:18:50
Sean Kelly00:18:51
Keith Rooney00:19:04
Thomas Vardy00:19:06
Mal Gibson00:19:09
Charlie Townsend00:19:20
John Tollitt00:19:27
Jonathan Powell00:19:37
Jonathan Longrigg00:19:52
Chris Chase00:19:56
John Pickering00:20:04
Nick Pearson00:20:07
Ed Wainwright00:20:15
Magda Grinsdale00:20:24
Lucy Matheson00:20:25
David Rowe00:20:35
Becky Parkin00:20:36
Ross Glasgow00:20:37
Steven Bond00:20:45
Yam Thiru00:20:48
Matt Walker00:20:50
Graham King00:20:51
Andy Keogan00:20:58
Alan Wallace00:21:02
James Knox00:21:15
David Hartness00:21:24
Lee Allan00:21:25
Asari Rashid00:21:26
Richard MacDonald00:21:27
Jenny Logue00:21:27
richard Tailford00:21:31
Henrik Aicher00:21:32
Alan Alexander00:21:33
Colin Dilks00:21:37
Andrew Crawford00:21:38
Stuart Dickson00:21:42
Rachel Adamson00:21:45
Tom Hanson00:21:50
Louise Lennox00:21:52
Richard Dixon00:21:54
Natalie Bennett00:22:03
Joel Tepace00:22:12
Santiago Martinez00:22:15
Ellie Charles00:22:18
Stephen Compton00:22:25
Fiona Conway00:22:29
Sarah Chadwick00:22:31
Neil Capstick00:22:41
John Day00:23:04
Stephen Drummond00:23:14
Michael Nemeth00:23:15
Alex Battersby00:23:18
Nick Lee00:23:20
Nina Myers00:23:33
Stephen Hall00:23:34
Vicki Thompson00:23:52
Geoff Robinson00:23:53
Sarah MacDougal00:23:54
Helen Joyner00:23:55
Vyonne Storey00:24:00
Amy Whitelaw00:24:04
Joanne Wood00:24:10
Laura Carrick00:24:18
Katie Goulding00:24:19
Sina Panitz00:24:32
Kerry Neill00:24:33
Michelle Bannan00:24:53
Fiona Howarth00:24:59
Danny Fletcher00:25:02
Ian Walton00:25:09
Neil Banks00:25:23
Katie Roberts00:25:27
Ste Beer00:25:37
Rachael Estrop00:25:40
Jayne Russell00:25:44
Gill Parkin00:25:50
Louise Hall00:25:54
Tracey Coburn00:25:57
Craig MacDougal00:26:03
Sarah Rushbrooke00:26:06
Nicola Blackburn00:26:10
Ellie Dowding00:26:17
Rob Clark00:26:26
David Charlton00:26:38
Faye Slade00:26:56
Alison Bulman00:26:57
Anna Brough00:27:14
Imogen Barr00:27:18
Mandy Tunmore00:27:27
Rachel Griffiths00:27:28
Stephanie Mcfarlane00:27:56
Kirk Connor00:28:08
Anthony Barrass00:28:09
Alison Habebi00:28:22
Lizzy Stephenson00:28:28
Clare Barrett00:29:43
Krystal White00:30:02
Jessica Nieurrzyla00:30:33
Michelle Hall00:30:33
Sarah Butler00:30:40
Sara James00:30:41
Evelyn Maholam00:30:42
Janet Pollington00:30:44
Andrea Hayden00:31:23
Amy Watson00:31:38
Deb Airey00:31:40
Elaine O'Mara00:33:15

Many thanks to all the volunteers – the event only goes ahead because of their selfless actions – and thanks to Start Fitness for the race numbers.

Start line of the TBH Winter Grand Prix.

Start line of the TBH Winter Grand Prix.

The [provisional] date for Race 2 is Tuesday, 4th November 2014.

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    • Sean Kelly on 7th October 2014 at 21:48
    • Reply

    A wonderful night. Thank-you to all of the organisers and marshalls. To have the results out only 2 hours after all of the runners crossed the finish line is remarkable.

      • Russell Deane on 7th October 2014 at 23:47
      • Reply

      Well done gang, sorry to miss it…in Germany with work. Hope to make the November run.

    • Nick on 7th October 2014 at 21:58
    • Reply

    Yep outstanding work gang!

    • keith rooney on 7th October 2014 at 22:15
    • Reply

    Yes very impressive organisation. Can’t wait for next one.

    • assistant of the PA of the second timer on 7th October 2014 at 22:18
    • Reply

    Quick work DD! Hope you could decipher my scribbles…

    • Laura Carrick on 8th October 2014 at 08:42
    • Reply

    Thoroughly enjoyed my first GP! :) Fantastically well organised, thanks to all those involved including the ever encouraging marshals.

    Super speedy results too…

    • Michelle Hall on 8th October 2014 at 08:51
    • Reply

    My first GP with TBH last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the next one! Thought it was very professional and well organised. Thank you to all.

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