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what’s happening at the club this week


Monday, 7th July

Technical and strength session, 6:00pm at City Stadium, Warwick Street.

The session, approximately 1 hour duration, is open to all members and includes running drills, plyometric stretches and core exercises.


Tuesday, 8th July

There is no club session due to the Bridges of the Tyne 5 Mile Road Race taking place on the same evening.



Wednesday, 9th July

Technical Session, 6:45am at City Stadium, Warwick Street.

After a few running drills, the session will consist of an easy 3 mile run around Heaton Park. Open to all club members.


TBH Juniors, 6:00pm at Walker Technical College (NE6 4LA).


Beginners Session, 6:30pm at East End Pool.

This session is for anyone new to running and would like to experience the benefits and enjoyment of this leisure activity. It will not involve speed work and will purely be about getting into the sport with the support of a running club. Runners may then choose to progress into the Tuesday/Thursday sessions for more structured training if they wish to do so.



Thursday, 10th July

Group 1. 40 minutes Reverse Tempo Surge

Group 2. 36 minutes Reverse Tempo Surge

Group 3. 32 minutes Reverse Tempo Surge

Group 4. 30 minutes Reverse Tempo Surge

Group 5. TBA


Session to include warm-up run, drills and cool-down run.

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